Cancer Research Nottingham

Gastro-Intestinal Cancer

The links below provide further information on each researcher and their work.

Prof John Atherton Stomach cancer; gastrointestinal cancer; helicobacter pylori   
Dr Austin Acheson Colorectal surgery  
Prof Guruprasad Aithal Liver, biliary and pancreatic cancer, hepato-pancreatico-biliary imaging
Dr Tim Card The pharmaco-epidemiology of cancer and in particular GI cancers; the effect of chronic GI disease on cancer risk   
Prof Rob Delahay Gastric cancer; H.Pylori
Prof Mohammad Ilyas Pathology; colorectal cancer   
Dr Anna Grabowska Pre-clinical cancer modelling/imaging; target validation; tumour  
Dr Neil Guha Hepatology; biomarkers of liver fibrosis    
Dr David Humes Linked GPRD and HES data to study the epidemiology of diverticular bleeding and femoral hernia
Dr Rajendra Kumari Pre-clinical cancer modelling; bioimaging; tumour microenvironment; targeted therapies
Prof Dileep Lobo Gastrointestinal surgery  
Dr Simon Parsons Autoimmunity in cancer  
Dr Krish Ragunath Gastrointestinal endoscopy 
Prof John Scholefield Immunotherapy for colorectal cancer; anal cancer and pre-malignant conditions
Dr Abdolrahman Shams Nateri Cancer genetics and stem cell; transcription, signalling and diseases; 
transgenic mouse models
Dr John Simpson Pancreatic surgery; diverticular disease; biliary disease
Dr Karen Robinson Helicobacter pylori; gastric cancer; inflammation
Dr Joe West

Epidemiology; coeliac disease; liver disease; use of routinely available electronic health data