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Welcome to the University of Nottingham Kay Fuller
2 The critical role of student voice in schools for bringing up the next generation of women leaders Katherine Cumings Mansfield and Rachel McNae
3 Gender and resistance in Mauá City, São Paulo – Brazil City Maria Elisabeth Rosa dos Santos
4 Young women leaders in film, education and communication Teresa Cristina
5 Administrative responses to allegations of employee to student sexual allegations: a gender comparison Charol Shakeshaft
6 I had to put my big girl knickers on Sheralyn Cook 
7 Narratives  of female leaders in education: the influence of religious denominational patronage in Ugandan secondary schools  Tuyizere Alice Peace 
Leader identity development of African school leaders: is there a gender difference? Pontso Moorosi
Black women leaders: Intersectional and present in the field of education Sharon Curtis and Victoria Showunmi
10  Deaf black women leaders in education  Laudiléa Aparecida de Lourdes Laudino 
11  Reframing women's leadership by telling new stories: Interconnecting intersectionality discourse and quality of life approach leadership Claudia Fahrenwald 
12 WELS NC State's principal preparation The Fusarellis 
13  Microaggressions in administrator preparation programs: How black female participants experienced discussions of identity, discrimination and leadership programs Jennie Weiner, Daron Cyr and Laura Burt 
14  "Outsiders within" our paradigms: black women headteachers of Windrush generation Lauri Johnson 
15  Wisdom passed down from women leaders in education Angeliki Lazaridou and Jenny S Tripses 
16  Women Leaders in Education: from the Baixada Fluminense to the world Rosangela Malchias 
17  One story, one vision - women leading education across continents  Helen Sobehart and Patrick Mulvihill
18  Thinking with theory: using life course theory to rethink barriers and opportunities to educational leadership  Teena McDonald 
19  Fish tales  Annette Kappert 
20  A paut neteru journey: an autoethnographic study of a black female charter school leader using an africentric approach Patricia L Williams 
21  Rwandan women in higher education leadership: socio-cultural challenges and opportunities Elizabeth C Reilly 
22  An exploration into women’s leadership in Saudi Arabian higher education in relation to the Vision 2030 initiative Riam Almaqrn
23  Shaping women leaders of faith-based educational institutions: understand the process through Clinton Leadership Emergence Theory Kezia Lorraine H Rosario and Arceli H Rosario
24  Blooming after the storm: transforming women's lives through education  Gianina-Estera Petre 
25  Record keeping in the United States: counting women superintendents Charol Shakeshaft and Margaret Grogan 
26  Applying the leader resilience profile to gender and age  Diane E Reed and Ashley E Reedman
27  Issues and challenges confronting tertiary institution's women leaders in education in south easter Nigerian tertiary institutions  Vera Nkiru Nwadinobi and Roseline Ekwutosi Queen Umezulika 
28  Assessment of women inclusion in leadership positions in the last 45 years in Federal College of Education, Nigeria Paulina Obioma Sowho 
29  Women educators producing narratives in the audiovisual  Jaqueline Francisca Belmiro Gomes
30  The invisible statistic: an investigation into student teacher mothers' perceptions of their experiences during the secondary Initial Teacher Education year and implications for leaders in schools and higher education Joan Woodhourse, Laura Guihen and Maria Scalise 
31  The way they lead: leadership styles and practices of women leaders in higher education  Arceli H Rosario 
32  From home to workplace: good Muslim women, role-learning and role transference Saeeda Shah 
33  Women leadership positions in education in Nigeria: challenges and prospects  Mary Oyere Aibangbe 
34  Women and power: thinking through acceptance of women's narratives  Jacky Lumby and Marianne Coleman 
35  The intersection of multiple identities of race, ethnicity, gender & social class in academic leadership: Is there a story to be told in higher education?  Charmagne Barnes 
36  Women leading higher education: challenging metaphors and images that perpetuate masculine models  Paula Burkinshaw and Kate White 
37  National Excellence in School Leadership Institute  MaryAnn P Jobe 
38  Making women men: what female superintendent stories tell us about the gender gap in the North Carolina school superintendency Catherine Marshall
39  Challenges confronting women in leadership positions in nursing colleges in Ghana  Minnie Atwumaah Okai 
40  Women leaders in education: narratives of public school directors of Baixada Fluminense – Duque de Caxias and Magé Lohane Cristina de Castro Dantas and Maria Clara Moreira dos Santos 
41  Ways of seeing women's leadership in education: Metaphors and images in stories of Rwandan and Bangladeshi women leaders  Shirley Randell 
42  Research and development in education  Kay Fuller, Joanne Cliffe and Vivienne Porritt 
43  Ways of seeing women's leadership in education Jill Berry and Kay Fuller 
44  Developing thriving wellbeing women education leaders Kelly Peaks Horner 
45  Gender, life and action: memoir of women teachers from Mato Grosso who held elective positions  Maria das Gracas Campos, Marlene Gonclaves and Lia Ciomar Macedo de Faria
46  Not the invisible women anymore: lessons of transformational leadership journeys of women from Pakistan Abaida Mahmood
47 Scaling the mountain to principalship Samantha Mortimer 
48  Curriculum and instructional leadership practices in pre-tertiary schools: reflections of female heads in the central region of Ghana  Marie Afua Baah Bakah and Joyce Eku Wilson-Tagoe
49  Impact, implementation, and insights of peace education: gendered lessons from the MA in Peace Studies & Conflict Transformation program at the University of Rwanda Sarah Doerrer 
50 Women leading education across the continents  Arceli Rosario 


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