Holiday Entitlement - Annual Leave, Bank Holidays & University Closure Days


Holiday entitlement including Annual Leave, Bank Holidays and University Closure Days for a fractional worker is the same as other equivalent contracted University staff. However, entitlement is worked out on a pro rata basis to take into account the part year working. This can be worked via the fractional calculator.

Once the Annual Leave, Bank Holidays and University Closure Days have been worked out (see example 1) the number of weeks/days entitlement are added onto the Designated Working Weeks to establish the total contract length.

The number of Designated Working Weeks excludes any Bank Holidays/University Closure Days. If there is a Bank Holiday in the Designated Working Week and the employee is not required to work the Bank Holiday, you need to deduct 0.2 weeks off. For further information please speak to your Employment Relations Adviser.

Fractional workers are deemed to have taken annual leave during the total contract length, but not during the Designated Working Weeks of their working pattern. There is, therefore, no requirement for the fractional worker to book annual leave in the same way as other contracted University staff.

In exceptional circumstances where a fractional worker wants to take annual leave during the Designated Working Weeks, the manager should ensure that the fractional worker works extra time during the Designated Working Weeks or non-working weeks to ensure, in totality, that the weeks specified in the contract of employment are worked.

Unless a manager requires an employee on a fractional contract to work during Statutory Bank Holidays or University Closure Days, any days that fall within the Designated Working Weeks should not be included in the count of Designated Working Weeks.

If a fractional employee works on a Bank Holiday or University Closure Day and this is not included in the Designated Working Weeks then please refer to the Overtime section.

The fractional calculator should be used to calculate the Total Contract Length.

Last edited Dec 13, 2015