Parental Support

Additional Paternity Leave has been superseded by the Shared Parental Leave Policy and guidelines for babies born on or after 5 April 2015 or placed for adoption on or after this date. For babies born or children placed before this date, additional paternity leave provision will remain in place and employees should contact the HR Department for further guidelines on this. The entitlement remains for Ordinary Paternity Leave. Ordinary Parental Leave is available for employees to take time off work to look after a child's welfare, this leave is unpaid (although you may be able to claim income support), and is available for each child up to their 18th birthday. Ordinary Parental Leave should not be confused with Shared Parental Leave which is a new entitlement for eligible parents of children due to be born or adopted on or after 5 April 2015. Employees should refer to the Shared Parental Leave Policy & Procedure in these circumstances.

We recognise the needs of staff to balance their work commitments with that of family and parental responsibilities. As part of our commitment to equality, diversity and inclusion and to help bring about this work-life balance, a parental support policy is available, which incorporates paternity and parental leave policies. These should be read alongside the Shared Parental Leave, Maternity and Adoption policies.

Please contact the HR Employment Support Services Team if you require further information regarding this policy.

Ordinary Paternity Leave & Pay

Ordinary Parental Leave




Last edited Mar 08, 2024