Other allowances


Bonuses can be paid to staff via the Nottingham Reward Scheme.

Excess mileage allowance

If you are required to move your base of work more than six miles, you will be entitled to claim excess mileage allowance for a period of up to two years at the current public transport rate. Excess mileage allowance is a taxable benefit.

Excess mileage is your new home to base mileage minus your old home to base mileage. For example, if your new mileage is 15 miles and your old mileage was seven miles, you would be entitled to claim for 2 x 8 = 16 miles per day.

If you use public transport, you will be entitled to claim the difference between your old and new return fare or old and new weekly pass, if this is more economical.



Last edited Dec 18, 2023