Sponsored Researchers


(Funded research projects)

A sponsored researcher is someone:

  • Employed by an overseas higher education institution, or research institution
  • Leading or taking part in ‘funded’ research as part of a formal research project hosted (but not necessarily funded) by a UK research institution
  • Working (as a researcher) under the full or partial control of the institution which will directly benefit from the research

Financial Issues

Sponsored Researchers can be funded from sources in the UK or overseas. Please note that funding must meet the National Minimum Wage in the UK.

Immigration Issues

Tier 5 (Government Authorised Exchange) permit required.


Please send a copy of your CV and the funding evidence to Human Resources for consideration, Email: staff-immigration@nottingham.ac.uk.


Note: Individuals who are PhD students and members of staff overseas may come under the Tier 5 route if it is clear that the employment is independent of the PhD studies (and will continue beyond the PhD studies) and that the funding provided is for work and not studies. Where one or both of the above is not clear the Tier 5 route will not be used. However, other routes may be a possibility.




Last edited Aug 16, 2016