Pensions Day 2024

Pensions Day - WEBBANNER

The university held its first annual Pensions Day on Thursday 1 February 2024 in the Great Hall, Trent Building

There were a number of stalls set up on campus for colleagues to have a chat with representatives from leading pension specialists Isio, as well as the USS, CRSP, NHS and CPAS pension schemes.

More than 500 people attended as scheme providers ran a series of 30-minute presentations throughout the day. 

If you missed a presentation, you can download slides for your scheme below:
*slides will download in PowerPoint



Feedback on Pensions Day

The university wants to make sure we're offering the best services for our staff.

If you have any thoughts, ideas or improvements you'd like to see for next year's Pensions Day, or would just like to have your say please share your feedback using the form below.

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Pension schemes at the university

On joining the University of Nottingham, you will be automatically enrolled onto the pension scheme that matches your corresponding job level:

  • CRSP scheme - Levels 1-3
  • USS scheme - Levels 4-6
  • NHS scheme - Clinical academic staff
  • CPAS scheme - (closed scheme)

CRSP Pension Scheme survey

The university is looking at the pension benefits we provide for Level 1 to 3 employees and want to hear from you. 

Feedback from staff gathered as part of the level 1-3 pay review in 2022 asked us to explore what additional options we could offer to staff at level 1-3 that find paying into a pension difficult, increasingly so with the impact of the current cost of living.

We have been in discussions with the pension provider on this and would like hear from you to help us to shape our pension benefits into a meaningful and attractive offer for you.

If you would like to have a say, please take no more than five minutes to complete this survey. It is open to anyone – whether you already contribute to a pension or not.

Click here to complete the survey