Performance at Work

Performance at Work

Appraisal and Development Conversations (ADC) allow you to discuss and agree objectives/goals within your role in the context of the University’s wider priorities, gain feedback on your progress, plan personal development in the short and longer-term, including career aspirations and to discuss any other topics (eg wellbeing, workload and work life balance).


What you need to know

The ADC process helps us to make sure you have clear goals and are provided with feedback on your contribution to wider University priorities through the work you do. It gives you the opportunities to identify and discuss development in the short and longer-term and discuss the next steps in your career. It also provides the opportunity to discuss other aspects of work including wellbeing, work life balance and workload.

To make sure this process runs smoothly it’s important you:

  • keep a note of our key dates
  • know your roles and responsibilities as a role holder or reviewer
  • familiarise yourself with how the ADC process works

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