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Our strong reputation for innovation in teaching has helped make us one of the leading centres for the study of history in the UK.

Effective learning in history comes from being inspired by your tutors in lectures and seminars, but also from your own research, critical thinking, and reflection on historical sources and ways of learning. 

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David Bell
 Studying history at the University of Nottingham allowed me to spend three years immersed in a subject that was stimulating and enjoyable. I had great flexibility to tailor my degree to my own tastes, especially in my final year.

 David Bell, History BA


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maddie chambers
 The history department here is wonderful. You can choose from many different topics and there are so many specialists in different areas. I'm studying the Druids and what they may or may not have believed, which I'm finding fascinating.

 Maddie Chambers, Ancient History and History BA


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