Department of Philosophy

Research clusters

 The philosophy department is home to seven research clusters.

An angled view of a map of Europe with a number of red flag pins

Philosophy Without Borders 

Looking at philosophy beyond the academy: e.g. in schools, prisons, care homes, and with refugees and asylum seekers.

A person in a crowd holding up a sign which reads "What lessens one of us lessens all of us".

Gender, Sex, Race and Social Identity

Focusing on the philosophy of sex, gender, race and social identity, from an avowedly anti-racist, and feminist perspective.


Three red dice with white spots on a black reflective surface

Recreation, Play and Games 

Looking at the philosophy of games, play, leisure, hobbies and anything we choose to do that is 'not work', covering ethics, epistemology, metaphysics, mind, perception, phenomenology, reasoning, spirituality and more.

A Japanese style arch on a lake on a cloudy day

South and East Asian Philosophy 

Focusing on philosophical traditions from South and East Asia such as Indian, Chinese, and Japanese traditions. Covering a wide range of schools, figures, texts, and philosophical topics.


A drawing of test tubes, beakers and Bunsen burners going from left to right joined together leading to a head.

Science and Metaphysics

Focusing on research in philosophy of science, science, and metaphysics, and the overlaps between them.

A wall covered in small painted red hearts, two people with their backs to the camera are adding hearts

Normative Philosophy 

Designed to facilitate research into normative philosophy of all kinds, including moral, social, and political philosophy.


 Corner of a multi-story building with a sign which reads "How are you really?"

Mind, Psychology, and Mental Health 

Covering philosophy of mind in the broadest sense, the philosophy of psychology, including reflection on psychology as a discipline, and the philosophy of mental health.





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