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PhD Supervision

We have a great track record of successfully supervising PhD candidates. Explore staff specialisations below and contact relevant people to discuss your research interests.

If you are unsure if we can offer the supervisory support you are looking for contact our postgraduate admissions tutor Zachary Hoskins

You may also be able to build a supervisory team across the eight universities of the Midlands4Cities Doctoral Training Partnership.


Stephen Barker

Particular interests

  • Philosophy of Language and Logic
    • Expressivism
    • Metasemantics
    • Paradoxes
  • Time/persistence/time and physics
  • Powers ontology/causation
  • Holistic/relationalist ontology
  • Metametaphysics
  • Buddhist Philosophy
    • Metaphysics
    • Epistemology
    • Psychology

Broader interests

Metaethics; Philosophy of Language; Eastern Philosophy; Philosophy of Mind and Psychology

More about Stephen

Portrait of Stephen Barker looking direct at camera

Koshka Duff

Particular interests

  • Social Philosophy
    • Race, gender, class, disability, sexuality, neurodiversity
  • Political Philosophy
    • Policing, criminal punishment, incarceration
    • Borders, militarism
    • Surveillance, protest, dissent, resistance
    • Penal abolition
    • Democracy
    • Education
  • Feminist Philosophy
  • Critical theory
  • History of Political Thought
    • Autonomia/operaismo
    • Situationism
    • Republicanism
    • Anarchism
    • Anti-imperialist and de-colonial theory and black radical traditions

Broader interests

German-language philosophical traditions; aesthetics (esp. philosophy of music and poetry); radical psychiatry and anti-psychiatry

More about Koshka


Matthew Duncombe

Particular interests

  • Ancient Greek Philosophy
    • Metaphysics
    • Ontology
    • Logic
    • Epistemology
    • Dialectic
  • Plato
    • Especially late Plato
  • Hellenistic Philosophy
    • Stoicism
    • Scepticism
    • Socratic schools

Broader interests

History of Philosophy; History of Analytic Philosophy; Aristotle; Applied Philosophy; Metaphysics; Ontology; Philosophical Logic; Virtual reality and philosophy; Interdisciplinary projects (especially with classics, humanities, social sciences, computer science)

More about Matthew


Andrew Fisher

Particular interests

  • Moral realism
  • Open question arguments
  • Error-theory
  • Moral psychology
    • Internalism vs externalism
    • Theories of motivation
  • Faith schools and indoctrination
  • Nature of teaching

Broader interests

Metaethics; Analytic Philosophy of Education; Pedagogy; Philosophy with Children (P4C); Technology and Teaching

More about Andrew

Andy Fisher photo

Craig  French

Particular interests

  • Perception
  • Philosophy of Mental Health

Broader interests

Philosophy of Mind and Psychology; Epistemology (especially perceptual knowledge, ways of knowing, perceptual justification)

More about Craig


Philip Goodchild

Particular interests

  • Religious metaphysics
  • Philosophical critiques of capitalism
  • Key figures in continental philosophy such as Kierkegaard, Nietzsche, Bergson, Weil, Heidegger, Deleuze

Broader interests

Philosophy of Religion; Continental Philosophy

More about Phillip


Michael Hannon

Particular interests

  • Analytic epistemology
    • Knowledge
    • Justification
    • Skepticism
    • Disagreement
    • Testimony
  • Political epistemology
    • Fake news
    • Echo chambers
    • Epistemic democracy
    • Political ignorance
    • Rationality

Broader interests

Epistemology; Metaethics; Political Philosophy

More about Michael


Zachary Hoskins

Particular interests

  • Philosophy of criminal law
    • Punishment theory
    • Collateral consequences of a conviction
    • Criminalisation
    • Political obligation

Broader interests

Legal Philosophy; Political Philosophy; Moral Philosophy

More about Zachary


Mark Jago

Particular interests

    • Truth
    • Truthmaking
    • Paradoxes
    • Possible/impossible worlds
    • Formal logic
    • Formal epistemology
    • Metaphysics (of objects/properties)
    • Grounding
    • Indexicals
    • Meaning
    • Content in Philosophy of Mind/Philosophy of Language

Broader interests

Philosophy of Language; Metaphysics of Mind; History of Analytic Philosophy; Frege; Russell; Wittgenstein

More about Mark


Lina Jansson

Particular interests

  • Scientific explanation
  • Scientific laws (Laws of Nature)
  • Non-empirical criteria for theory choice (simplicity, unification, etc.)
  • Theory confirmation and selection

Broader interests

Philosophy of Science; Philosophy of Physics; Metaphysics

More about Lina


Ian James Kidd

Particular interests

  • Philosophy of illness
  • Virtue and vice epistemology

Broader interests

Virtues and vices; Buddhist Philosophy (especially moral philosophy); Chinese Philosophy; Philosophy of Religion; Philosophy of Science

More about Ian

Ian Kidd

Joseph Kisolo-Ssonko

Particular interests

  • Philosophy of Recreation
  • Social Ontology

Broader interests

Political Philosophy; Moral Philosophy

More about Joseph


Katie Monk


  • Waiting for updated information

More about Katie


Harold Noonan

Particular interests

  • Identity and personal identity
  • Naming and necessity
  • Frege
    • Philosophy of language
    • Philosophical logic
  • Hume
    • Metaphysics
    • Epistemology

Broader interests

Philosophy of Language; Philosophy of Mind; Metaphysics

More about Harold

Portrait of Harold Noonan looking direct at camera

Stefano Predelli

Particular interests

  • Formal Semantics
  • Theory of conversation
  • Pragmatics

Broader interests

Ontology of Art

More about Stafano

Portrait of Stefano Predelli looking direct at camera

Jon Robson

Particular interests

  • Aesthetics and meta-aesthetics
  • Videogames
  • Philosophy of Religion

Broader interests

Epistemology; Metaphysics

More about Jon

Portrait of Jon Robson looking direct at camera

Benedict Rumbold

Particular interests

  • Normative Ethics
    • Contractualism
    • Consequentialism
    • Aggregation
    • Universalizability
    • Fairness
  • Egalitarianism
  • Prioritarianism
  • Moral status (animals)
  • Particularism
  • Scanlon
  • Parfit
  • Rawls
  • Kant

Broader interests

Moral Philosophy; Political Philosophy; Early modern Philosophy; Applied Moral and Political Philosophy

More about Benedict

Portrait of Benedict Rumbold looking straight at camera

Antonio Salgado Borge

Particular interests

  • Spinoza
    • Especially his metaphysics, philosophy of mind, and political philosophy
  • Early Modern Philosophy
    • Metaphysics
    • Rationalism and Empiricism
    • Philosophy of mind
    • Political philosophy
    • The Enlightenment
    • Toleration
    • Feminism

Broader interests

Metaphysics; Philosophy of mind; Ancient Philosophy (especially Aristotle); Early Analytic Philosophy; Medieval Philosophy; Philosophy of History; Political Philosophy; Feminism.

More about Antonio

Antonio Salgado

Neil Sinclair

Particular interests

  • Metaethics
    • Moral semantics
    • Metaphysics
    • Epistemology
    • Psychology( especially anti-realism)
  • Aesthetics (especially anti-realism)
  • Environmental Ethics

Broader interests

Moral Philosophy; Normative Ethics; Applied Ethics (especially artificial intelligence)

More about Neil

Portrait of Neil Sinclair looking direct at camera

Jonathan Tallant

Particular interests

  • Philosophy of Time
  • Trust
  • Non-empirical criteria for theory choice (simplicity, unification, etc.)
  • Grounding

Broader interests

Metaphysics; Metametaphysics

More about Jonathan

Image of Jonathan Tallant

Christopher Woodard

Particular interests

  • Consequentialism
    • Rule- or collective-consequentialism
  • Well-being and ill-being
  • Utilitarianism

Broader interests

Moral Philosophy; Normative Ethics; Applied Ethics; Political Philosophy

More about Christopher

Portrait of Christopher Woodard looking direct at camera


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