Department of Philosophy

The Nottingham approach - understand the world in order to change it

  • Develop key skills in reasoning, ethics and logic.
  • Learn to think clearly, argue coherently and communicate effectively.
  • Question dominant ideologies, analyse social power and injustices and imagine new and better ways of living together.


An unusually diverse range of modules

Our modules are broadly clustered into:

  • Applied, feminist, and social philosophy
  • Moral philosophy
  • Metaphysics and mind
  • Logic and language
  • Asian philosophies
  • Practical and professional skills

Our diversity allows you to explore widely and concentrate on the areas you are passionate about.

Descriptions of individual modules on our Philosophy BA

A global perspective

We offer opportunities to explore the Indian and Chinese philosophical traditions. Understanding other people's way of thinking helps us to successfully connect and communicate - a vital skill in a global society.

Our study abroad schemes also allow you to experience living and learning in a different culture.

A supportive environment

Doing philosophy can be very personal. It can give you new ways to reflect on and understand your own life, habits, and identities, in a world that doesn’t always make that easy. We'll support you as you explore:

  • sex and gender
  • religion and science
  • racism and society
  • language and the mind
  • ethics and the law

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Department of Philosophy

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