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Flow Cytometric Analysis

The facility runs three analytical machines which can be directly operated by University of Nottingham users once trained by facility staff. External clients should contact David Onion for service enquiries.

If you would like to access the analytical machines for the first time contact David Onion or Nicola Croxall. Trained users can book directly using the online booking system.

University of Nottingham staff and students can access the full configuration of all machines on our Workspace

Beckman Coulter FC500


Located in the Flow Cytometry Facility, E108 Medical School, QMC, the FC500 is the workhorse of flow facility. Excellent for big experiments, the carousel can be loaded with up to 32 tubes. Its high precision acquisition makes it a favourite for measuring DNA content using propidium iodide.

Key Features:

  • Blue (488nm) and Red (633nm) co-linear lasers
  • 5 colours
  • Carousel loading 32 tubes
  • Excellent for DNA analysis


FACS Canto II in QMC

Located on the D Floor Facility, QMC and available upon request, the FACS Canto II provides a high throughput option for the facility: with a 96 well plate module, this machine is suitable for those who will routinely be requiring 96 well plate loading.

Key Features:

  • Blue (488nm) and Red (633nm) lasers
  • 6 Colours
  • High throughput 96 well plate based format



Located in the Life Sciences Building, University Park. With two offset lasers, this is an ideal machine for work with up to 6 colours.

Key Features:

  • Blue (488nm) and Red (633nm) lasers
  • 6 Colours
FACS Canto A in Life Sciences building

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