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Contacts and Location - School of Life Sciences Imaging (SLIM)

Chief Microscopist, Cell Signalling Imaging and Head of SLIM

Tim Self

Picture of Tim Self

  • Head of Facility
  • First contact for new microscopy or image analysis projects
  • Fluorescence Microscopy
  • Grant Support

  Medical School, C floor, room C89. Email:  Tim Self, tel: +44 115 82 30090


Advanced Microscopy Unit

Cell Signalling Imaging


Ms Denise McLean

 Picture of Denise Mclean

  • Histology
  • Electron Microscopy

Medical School, E floor, room E100 Email:  Denise McLean
tel: +44 115 82 30297

Mr Ian Ward

 Picture of Ian Ward

  • Fluorescence Microscopy 
  • Light Microscopy

Medical School, E floor, room E100 Email:  Ian Ward
tel: +44 115 82 30297

Seema Rajani


  • Image Analysis
  • High Throughput and High Content Screening
  • Fluorescence Microscopy
Medical School, C-floor, room C95. Email:  Seema Rajani
tel: +44 115 82 30080


Super Resolution Microscopy

Dr Robert Markus

 Picture of Robert Markus  

  • Super Resolution Microscopy

   Centre for Biomolecular Sciences, room B53.
   Email:  Robert Markus
   tel: +44 115 84 67971



Cell Signalling Imaging (CSI) is located on C-floor of the Medical School within the Queen's Medical Centre, directions can be found  here.

The Advanced Microscopy Unit (AMU) is located on E-floor of the Medical School within the Queen's Medical Centre, directions can be found here.

Our Super Resolution Microscopy Facility is located in The Center for Biomolecular Sciences (CBS) located on University Park Campus, directions can be found here.


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