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Microscopy and imaging play a key role within science and scientific research. Microscopy has played a vital part in many of the advances in science since its invention in the 1600’s by Antonie van Leeuwenhoek. Microscopy allows one to enter a wonderful and beautiful world beyond the limits of our own eyesight. The SLIM team are all passionate and enthusiastic microscopists and wanted to bring this fascinating microscopic world to schools and the general public through a number of outreach projects. The foremost project has been designed around an exercise to build your own microscope.

The aims of the project are to inform the students about how imaging is used at the UoN to conduct research into health and disease, to engage them and inform them that they too could follow a career in science at a range of levels and qualifications, and to raise interest in biology, technology and physics through practical exercises. The exercises will lead to enhanced teamwork and the production of images, assessed by how well they are completed and the quality and range of images produced. The students will encouraged to experiment and to be creative in the specimens they use and how they image them.



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