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Athena SWAN

The School of Medicine has been successfully awarded an Athena SWAN Silver award in April 2016 in recognition of its commitment to advancing women’s careers in science, technology, engineering, maths and medicine (STEMM) employment in higher education and research.  The award is valid until April 2019.

Commitment to all staff

The School of Medicine is committed to supporting career development and working to Athena SWAN principles for all our staff through its action plans for academic staff and for administrative, professional and managerial staff and technical staff.

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Staff testimonials

Prof Kim Thomas (Centre of Evidence Based Dermatology) talks about her research career at the University.

Dr Tanya Monaghan (Nottingham Digestive Disease Centre) shares her experience at Nottingham.



Action plan

To address the underrepresentation and advancement of careers of women in STEMM research and academic the school has identified key priorities in its Silver Action Plan which will be achieved over the lifetime of the plan. You can download a full copy of the Silver application and action plan (Appendix 1 and Appendix 2) from this site but in brief, some of our high priority actions are:

  • Review the weighting of GAMSAT scores in the application process for applications to Graduate Entry Medicine; understand why more females than males decline their offer of study; implement recommendations where identified
  • Attract more females (25% increase in applicants) into clinical research fellow positions
  • Increase the number of clinical females at Associate Professor/Professor level and understand career pathway decisions
  • Fully implement workload planning model; ensure types of activity is balanced evenly amongst the genders
  • Maintain personal fellowship success rates

There are of course more actions and these are being progressed by a representative group of staff and students through the school's Career Development and Equity Committee (CDEC).  

For further information download a copy of the school's Athena SWAN silver application (Appendix 1 and Appendix 2).     


Staff resources 

Visit the School Workspace for more information and resources on career development in the school and University.


For further information please contact the Chair and Deputy Chair of CDEC, Professor Raheela Khan and Dr Amanda Tatler.



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