Sir Peter Mansfield Imaging Centre
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Applying for Scanner Time

When applying for scanner time please provide as much detail as you can when completing the form. We are happy to discuss your project at any stage to make sure that we help you to get the most from our facilities.

Scanner time applications are approved by the Executive Committee which meets monthly. Generally an application must be received two weeks in advance to be considered by the meeting. The dates of upcoming Executive Committee meetings are listed on the management page.

At various stages of your project you may be asked for brief updates and when the project is complete a final report and/or information regarding publications or outcomes from development time will be requested.



The SPMIC will consider partially funded or unfunded applications, particularly from completely new users. However if you wish to apply for scanner time at a reduced rate, please make a strong case on the application form. If you apply for unfunded development time you will be expected to share your results with the rest of the SPMIC in a documented manner.

Lost data

Please remember to include time to acquire pilot data and for drop outs or lost data sets. e.g. If your study requires 20 volunteers, you may need to allow for three pilot sessions and to collect two additional data sets because of data lost due to motion or similar problems.

Scanner time application process

All applications for scanner time will be processed according to the below flow chart.

Once the scanner time application form has been submitted, all application forms will be processed by the Sir Peter Mansfield Imaging Centre. Depending on the nature of the study and levels of funding all applications will be reviewed and checked within 12 working days to ensure a rapid turnaround and the final decision about using one of our scanners is confirmed.

If you have not heard back from us within the agreed timeframe please call Sarah Wilson on 0115 (74)87053.