Faculty of Science

Eligibility for a Science Alumni Scholarship

Your intended degree

You must:

  • have applied and received an offer through UCAS for one of our UK-based undergraduate degrees
  • have made the University of Nottingham offer your firm acceptance (you can still apply without needing to confirm your UCAS choices, this will not affect your application)
  • intend to start your degree in September 2023

Current students on our Science Foundation programme (who are expected to achieve an overall mark of 80% or more) are also eligible to apply.

Your background

You must also meet the following criteria.

No existing degree

You cannot already hold an undergraduate degree (such as a BA, BSc or equivalent).

Have "Home" status

This means you must have ordinarily been resident in the UK for the three year period prior to the start of your course. Applicants granted refugee status and European migrant workers may also be eligible. See the UKCISA website for more definitions of "Home" status.

Household income below £42,875

The figure for your household income we use is the one calculated by Student Finance when you apply for student loans and grants. It's important to give your consent to share your application information with the university otherwise we cannot assess your eligibility for this Scholarship. This figure is checked every year during your degree.

Have faced educational barriers

Have your personal circumstances restricted achievement at school or college? For example you:

  • are from an area where going to university is not common
  • have a long term medical/health condition or a disability
  • are a care leaver, have caring responsibilities, or have experienced estrangement from your caregivers

This list is not exhaustive. Check with the Funding Support Team if you are unsure whether you are eligible.


If you are receiving any external sponsorship for your degree, such as from an employer or industry body, you will not be eligible for the Scholarship.

How to apply for the scholarship


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