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Cost of living

Students are among the groups most likely to be affected by the cost-of-living challenge. This webpage highlights all the information, advice and support available to you at the university.

MyWellbeing Hub brings together mental health and other welfare support available on campus and online. The hub can help you make contact with our Support and Wellbeing team, or to access a range of resources and services.

You may find yourself in financial difficulty as a result of the cost-of-living crisis. There are university support funds you may be eligible to apply for, along with services and facilities that could help manage and stretch your budget.

If you are already claiming all the support you are eligible for from the Government - including your student loan - but are still struggling to make ends meet, you may be eligible to apply to the Student Hardship Fund.

There’s also the Student Crisis Fund. This provides small, interest-free loans to students experiencing financial difficulties because of an unexpected change in their circumstances after admission to the university.

When applying, make sure you read the application guidance carefully, including the evidence required to support a claim. We want to process applications as quickly as possible - a full picture of your financial situation helps us get funds where they are needed most.

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Support funds

Find out more and apply



Financial support

  • Managing your money - take a look at our advice and suggestions on how to make extra cash. 
  • Understanding your Budget module - learn how different situations may impact your budget.
  • Students' Union advice - see advice for when you’re looking at shared accommodation (deposits, council tax, moving in payments, bills, etc.) or having financial issues (benefits and tax credits, debt and funding).
  • Citizens Advice - find out the ways in which you may be able to get help from the government or council with cost of living. 
  • Living costs in Nottingham - see our list of possible expenses related to studying in Nottingham.
Childcare costs 
We offer sources of financial support towards the cost of childcare for our students. You can see the different options available on our financial support webpage.
Access to student discounts 
Join TOTUM for access to hundreds of student discounts on everything from eating out, fashion, technology and daily essentials. You will also receive a free tastecard, which means you can get 10% off your Co-op shop, over 350+ offers and save at thousands of restaurants.

Earn while you learn

Part-time or temporary work

Many students look for part-time or temporary work while studying. You can find more information on our Careers and Employability Service webpage.

Please be mindful not to take on too much work, as outlined in the guidance on student employment during studies. If you feel like you’re taking on too much work, please consider applying for one of our support funds.


As part of the university’s Career and Employability Service, Unitemps can help you find part-time and temporary work that fits around your studies. It doesn’t need to be directly related to your degree and there are a variety of opportunities available. This includes administrative work, marketing, events and hospitality work, translation work, project work and many more. It also includes opportunities available at the university and the Students’ Union.

Please be mindful not to take on too much work, as outlined in the guidance on student employment during studies. If you feel like you’re taking on too much work, please consider applying for one of our support funds.

Ambassador schemes

Becoming a student ambassador will allow you to not only increase your income, but to complete meaningful work, develop new skills and boost your CV. We have many ways for you to get involved and you can find out more on our student opportunities webpage

Please be mindful not to take on too much work, as outlined in the guidance on student employment during studies. If you feel like you’re taking on too much work, please consider applying for one of our support funds.


 Keeping costs down

Free kitchen access

We have a number of kitchens across our campuses for you to use our free microwave, toaster and hot water facilities. Please see the list below to find the kitchen closest to your school:

  • Oasis A29, Portland, University Park (10am - 5pm Monday - Friday)
  • B77, Computer Science Building, Jubilee 
  • C46, Computer Science Building, Jubilee
  • Undergraduate common room B8b, Physics Building, University Park
  • The Barn, Sutton Bonington
  • Apiary, Sutton Bonington
  • B025, Humanities Building, University Park
  • C025, Humanities Building, University Park
  • B009, Trent Building, University Park
  • C009a, Trent Building, University Park
  • C054, Trent Building, University Park (hot water only)
  • A90, Trent Building, University Park
  • A30/A31, Life Sciences Building, University Park
  • A04, Coates, University Park
  • Level 2, Hallward Library, University Park
  • Floor A, George Green Library, University Park
  • A42, Dearing Building, Jubilee
  • B48, Dearing Building, Jubilee
  • C52, Dearing Building, Jubilee
  • Ground floor, James Cameron-Gifford Library, Jubilee
  • A5, LASS Building, University Park
  • B230, Health Sciences, Queens Medical Centre
  • Café Oasis, Medical School, Queens Medical Centre
  • C11/C13 Graduate Centre, Medical School, Queens Medical Centre
  • Ground floor, Djanogly Learning Resource Centre
Free shower facilities

You can keep your home energy bills down by using our free shower facilities at various locations across our campuses. 

Cheaper food options

We have teamed up with Too Good To Go to tackle food waste. Download the app to buy unsold fresh food at a great price. At the university, collections are currently available at:

  • Costa at KMC
  • Trent cafe
  • Marmont
  • David Ross Sports Village
  • Cost Cutter at Sutton Bonington
  • HemsleyHipps (Medical school)
  • George Green Library
  • Hallward Library 

Free soup lunch and social club

  • Oasis, A29 Portland Building, University Park Campus
  • Every Wednesday, 1pm - 3pm

Served by The Salvation Army, all students are welcome to join our free soup lunch and social club. Come along for soup and a roll, conversation and information on wellbeing support should you need it.

*Please note, this initiative will run throughout May and June only.

Free period and sexual health products

You can collect free period products in the following locations: 

  • Hallward Library
  • George Green Library
  • Physics building
  • Djanogly Learning Resource Centre
  • School of Economics
  • Boots Science Building
  • Clinical Sciences Building
  • Law and Social Sciences
  • David Ross Sports Village
  • James Camerson-Gifford Library
  • School of Psychology, Life Sciences   
  • School of Computer Science
  • School of Mathematical Sciences

Our Students' Union has also implemented Community Cabinets. These are here to provide easy access to free period products, condoms and pregnancy tests. The cabinets are located at central points around Portland Building (The Studio, opposite Blackwell's, near SU Advice and outside the Get Involved Zone).

University buildings

We have increased our study spaces across our campuses. If you’re wanting an alternative place to work that won’t contribute to your heating or electricity bills, you can use our new resource booking system.

Study spaces are available in libraries - some spaces can be booked in advance including PC, group study spaces and more. Three libraries will be open 24/7 throughout most of term time.

Repairs and maintenance 

We have a laptop loan and repair service, if you're having any problems with your device. All you need to do is request an appointment and our Digital and Technology Services team will be able to assist you.

For any cyclists, Dr Bike is a free on-site bike maintenance service. The mechanic will give cycles a thorough check and make minor repairs, such as changing brake blocks and tightening brakes. The service and any parts used are free of charge. You can find out more about the service - including dates of sessions - on the Dr Bike webpage.

The Cupboard Project

In collaboration with the SU, we have introduced the Cupboard Project. This is a free resource to pick up and drop off much needed provisions, such as hygiene and period items, foodstuffs, and clothing.

You can find this in the following locations:

  • A floor, student kitchen, Medical School Building
  • B floor, School of Health Sciences, Medical School Building

Frequently asked questions

Will the university pass on cost increases to students? 
No. Although our income is largely fixed and our costs are rising significantly, we have planned to absorb inflationary increases as much as possible. We will not, for example, change university accommodation chargers to reflect higher energy prices.
How can you support students whose mental health is suffering as a result of the rising cost of living? 

We have recently signed up to the Student Mental Health Charter to help us enhance our mental health support. There are a number of services and support mechanisms available to you: 

  • MyWellbeing Hub - speak to your Support and Wellbeing team, receive a referral to the Counselling Service or access a range of resources  and other welfare support. 
  • Security staff, all of whom are trained in Mental Health First Aid, and our Residential Experience team – who also receive training in Mental Health support – in halls of residence are on hand if you need any help. 
  • Togetherall - sign up with your university email address and receive immediate access to courses, and wellbeing tools like journalling, goal-setting and self-assessments. You can also chat to other peers or trained professionals anonymously. 

Further information and resources can be found on our mental health and wellbeing support webpage.

Can international students access hardship funds or alternative sources of support?

We would recommend speaking to our Funding and Financial Support team who can best advise the support available to you in your circumstances.   

International students must demonstrate that they have sufficient funds to support themselves throughout their studies as a condition of their visa. Therefore, international students are only eligible to apply for The Student Hardship Fund during their final year of study or research (not thesis pending periods) or if they have experienced an unexpected change in circumstances since the academic year started, that has impacted their finances.

What support are you offering to PhD students? 

Eligible postgraduate researchers (PGRs) receiving stipends - from the UKRI, Leverhulme Trust, Royal Society or through University of Nottingham funded scholarships – will receive increased financial support from October 2022. 

The UKRI, Leverhulme Trust and Royal Society have increased their minimum stipend for the 2022/23 academic year by 13%, compared to 2021/22. This means that PGRs who receive UKRI minimum stipend support from the university (either through a UKRI training programme or university -funded scholarship), will see an increase by £2,059 for 2022/23 compared to 2021/22.  

If you are a self-funded postgraduate research student, we understand that you may not benefit from the support outlined above. Please note that there are other sources of financial support

How can you support particularly vulnerable students? Eg care leavers, those estranged from families, etc

You can speak to our Funding and Financial Support team who will be able to assist you with identifying appropriate funds and submitting your application. This can include funds such as:

  • Core Bursary  
  • Care and Estranged Bursary 
  • Nottingham Potential Bursary

How can I keep travel costs down?                                                             

  • Use our free hopper bus service, running between the main University Park Campus and Jubilee, Sutton Bonington and King's Meadow campuses, and Royal Derby Hospital.  
  • Invest in a Robin Hood Student Season Card for your bus, tram and train journeys in Nottingham. Make sure you apply for this in person at the Travel Centre in Nottingham Tourism Centre or online
  • Buy a Young Persons Coachcard with National Express if you are a full-time student. 


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