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Funding for Masters Students

A small number of schemes exist that may be able to help you finance your Masters.

You will need to hold an offer to study before applying for funding so we advise you to submit your Masters application as soon as possible, and to make a note of the funding application deadlines. 

Do remember to check the eligibility criteria for the funding source(s) that you intend to apply for.


Funding Opportunities for 2015 Entry:

Name   Deadline
Midlands3Cities Nottingham Masters Studentships

Noon, 28th April 2015

School Tuition Fee Scholarships Noon, 28th April 2015
The University of Nottingham Masters Scholarship Scheme 31st May 2015
Christine Fell Scholarship 13th May 2015
Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC) Funding (1+3) Noon, 20th February 2015
International and EU Student Scholarships Various (follow link for details)
Sir Richard Stapley Educational Trust

Packs available 5th January 2015

Wellcome Trust 1st May 2015


Help and Guidance

Alternative funding guide

Part time work and placements

Part time work with Unitemps Postgraduate placements

Other University Funding Sources

International and EU student scholarships

External Sources of Funding and Finance

Career Development Loans Sir Richard Stapley
Educational Trust
Wellcome Trust

Midlands3Cities Nottingham Masters Studentships

For UK and EU students


Midland3Cities Nottingham Masters Studentships for 2015 entry

Tuition Fees and stipend of £8400

Providing routes in to the AHRC-funded Midlands3Cities doctoral training partnership Midlands3Cities Doctoral Training Partnership, the University of Nottingham is offering 14 Research Preparation Masters studentships to start September 2015. These awards are available to outstanding students from the UK and EU who wish to pursue a Masters degree (MA or MRes) at the University of Nottingham in any area of the Arts and Humanities and areas eligible for AHRC funding in Law and Social Sciences.

Midlands3Cities Nottingham Masters studentships are intended to prepare students for doctoral study so it is crucial that applicants make a clear case for how the Masters will lead to an intended PhD programme.

Awards will cover the University of Nottingham tuition fee and provide a stipend of £8,400. They do not guarantee subsequent doctoral funding, for which a separate application must be made.

Midlands3Cities Masters Studentships - further information and application form



School Tuition Fee Scholarships

For any students holding an offer for any School of English on-site Masters course


Tuition Fee Scholarships, Masters courses for 2015 entry  

The School of English has a number of tuition fee scholarships available for 2015 entry. These scholarships will be awarded on the basis of excellent academic achievement and potential.

Applicants holding offers for any of our School of English Masters courses are welcome to apply.

(N.B. These scholarships aren't available to distance learning course offer-holders)  

Who can apply?

Any applicant who holds an offer (conditional or unconditional).

Applications are welcome from Home, EU and International offer-holders (NOTE: if you are an International offer-holder, please see note below about the value of the award).

What is the value of the scholarship? 

The scholarship covers the cost of HEU tuition fees in 2015/16.

For 2015/16 fees information, visit the fees page.

Please note: International offer-holders are welcome to apply, but the value of the award is HEU fees only. Therefore, should an International offer-holder be successful, the difference between HEU and International fees would need to be met by the offer-holder.

What do I need to do next? 

You need to hold an offer to study on one of our School of English Masters courses before you can proceed with an application for a Tuition Fee Scholarship. You can apply for our Masters courses here.

If you hold an offer to study, and would like to apply for a School Tuition Fee Scholarship, please complete the application form, and submit it to by the deadline.  

Alternatively, if you have already, or are planning to make an application for Midlands3Cities funding, just let us know if you would like to be considered for a tuition fee scholarship as well, and we will use the same form (email us).

The deadline for applying for a School Tuition Fee Scholarship is Tuesday 28th April 2015

Successful applicants will be notified by the end of May.

Incomplete applications, or applications submitted after the deadline will not be accepted.

How do I choose referees and references?

Your reference(s) will be an important part of your application, and it is your responsibility to make sure that the University’s Admissions Office has received these by the deadline.

Please note that the same reference(s) will be used for your admission to the University (i.e. your course application). Therefore you do not need to submit reference(s) in addition, for this scholarship application.



The University of Nottingham Masters Scholarship Scheme

For Home/EU students. Other eligibility criteria also apply


The Univeristy of Nottingham Masters Scholarship Scheme, for 2015 entry

The University of Nottingham is offering 175 masters scholarships worth £10,000 each for entry on to taught courses in 2015.

Eligibility criteria

Applicants for this scholarship must be progressing from an undergraduate course for which they were charged the higher tuition fee applying since 2012/13 and be classed as a Home/EU student. 

In addition, applicants will need to hold an offer for a taught postgraduate course and fulfil one or more of the following criteria: 

  • Care leavers - have been in public care for a minimum of three months prior to their entrance to university in 2012
  • In receipt of government funding in the form of a full maintenance grant and/or a National Scholarship Programme during the first year of undergraduate study (2012)
  • Women in STEM (restricted programmes)
  • Disability, long-term medical condition or specific learning difficulty 
  • From a Black or Minority Ethnic (BME) group

  The University of Nottingham Masters Scholarship Scheme - further information and application form



Christine Fell Awards

Available to a new or continuing postgraduate student working in the areas of Old English and Anglo-Saxon studies; Old Norse and Viking studies; Name studies; History of English; Runology

A fund set up in memory of the late Professor Christine E Fell allows the School to award up to two scholarships (normally a fee-reduction worth £1,000) each year to a new or continuing postgraduate student (MA or PhD) working in any of the following areas:

  • Old English and Anglo-Saxon studies
  • Old Norse and Viking studies
  • Name-studies
  • History of English
  • Runology

All continuing students, and all applicants for entry in 2015 who have applied by 13 May 2015 will be considered automatically for a scholarship and applicants are not required to complete a separate application form. The successful candidate will be informed by letter in June 2015. The scholarship will not normally be awarded to students in receipt of full funding from the AHRC or other bodies and may be re-assigned to another candidate if the successful candidate subsequently wins such funding.

The fund also allows the School to make occasional small grants to registered students in the above areas to support their academic research.



ESRC Funding

For UK/EU students with an offer to study a Masters course in Applied Linguistics or Applied Linguistics & English Language Teaching


ESRC awards for 2015 entry

The School of English is inviting applications for an ESRC (Economic & Social Research Council) 1+3 award.

Successful applicants will take the research training pathway within the MA Applied Linguistics, or MA Applied Linguistics & English Language Teaching - and then go on to take a PhD in the same subject.

Further information on these pathways is available here.

ESRC studentships are highly competitive, and successful candidates will hold at least a 2:1 in a relevant discipline.

If you meet the application criteria and are interested in ESRC funding, you are strongly advised to attend the application writing workshop on Wednesday 5th November 2014  at  3pm.


Check the eligibility criteria.

Please ensure that you have read through the guidelines thoroughly and that you are eligible to apply, particularly if you are not from the UK or are studying part-time.


Make your admissions application.

Applicants need an offer to study for one of the following courses before they can apply for ESRC 1+3 funding:

  • MA Applied Linguistics
  • MA Applied Linguistics & English Language Teaching

The offer can be conditional or unconditional.

Applicants intending to apply for ESRC funding should ensure they have submitted their Masters course application, via the University's applicant portal, by 31 December of the year prior to commencing their studies.



Your references will be an important part of your application, and it is your responsibility to make sure that TWO references are submitted via the University's admissions system by the ESRC submission deadline. 

Select referees who have the detailed knowledge required to appraise your recent intellectual development and preparedness for the programme of study you will be undertaking, and  make sure that they have all the information required, e.g. all your marks from your UG studies. 

You can indicate that you would like the University to contact your referees for you via the online application system. They will then be sent the University's reference form to complete, which is required for an ESRC application. The same references will be used for your admission to the University, and your ESRC application, so no additional references need to be supplied.


Make your funding application.

Please submit your completed ESRC application to  by  noon  on  Friday 20th February 2015

Incomplete applications or applications submitted after the deadline will not be accepted.

Offers for funding are usually confirmed by the Graduate School by early May.


ESRC studentships are fully supported by the University's ESRC Doctoral Training Centre.

The studentships are open to UK and EU students, but please check the full details as Terms and Conditions do apply. 

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