Giving Day 2023 - a recap

What a 36 hours! We're currently close to raising £70,000 for our four great causes thanks to your support, equivalent to one person giving every eight minutes.

Alumni from India to Iraq and Thailand to Texas have already joined in and given, with graduation years ranging from 1952 to 2025!

Here's a roundup of the causes and some of the activity on the day which you might have missed. We've also dropped in a few quotes from some of the hundreds of alumni who have already donated, sharing their support for the day.

Giving Day 2023

Our causes


Scholarships for disadvantaged students

We believe that talented students should not miss out on a place at Nottingham because of where they come from or how much money they have. A scholarship could be the difference between lost potential and a future doctor, teacher or scientist.


Cascade: student-led projects

Cascade grants have helped students get many projects off the ground. From treating the pets of local homeless and vulnerably housed people to bringing clean water to communities in Borneo, your support can help our students gain valuable skills away from campus whilst making a positive impact on the world.


Medical research at the University of Nottingham

We have a history of world-changing innovation in medical research at the University of Nottingham. From the development of MRI, to leading research on antimicrobial resistance, to life-changing work in our cancer research centres, there is so much to be proud of. 


Mental health support at the Students' Union

There is currently an ongoing student mental health crisis. The continuing consequences of the pandemic and cost-of-living crisis have led to students feeling isolated and worried.  Nightline is a student-run support service that’s available to all University of Nottingham students via phone, text messaging, and Skype.

Nightline’s listening service provides a safe space for Nottingham's students to talk to someone without fear of being judged, rushed or identified. 

Nottingham will always be a special place for me. PhD graduate and member of staff for over 30 years. Hope others can benefit as much as I did from this fantastic university.
Andy Long

Test your knowledge with our Giving Day quiz!

We had a great time in the Great Hall to close our Giving Day on Thursday 2 November, as teams battled it out to be crowned the top quizzers on campus.

Some of the rounds included a sweeping journey through film history delivered by Kieran Foster, Teaching Associate at the Department of Cultural, Media and Visual Studies and another was a trip around some much loved Nottingham landmarks with our burgeoning mascot Goosey!

We also learnt how many times the Mona Lisa has been stoled - it's been stolen once and vandalised five times. So now you know!

If you missed out, or didn't watch our live stream then we've got the full recording below for you to play along again.

Giving Day quiz winners
I owe a lot to the University of Nottingham, so i'm happy to give a little back.
Dan Nash

The meaning of the motto

For our second Nottingham Ambition Giving Day, we’ve found inspiration in our university motto: 'Sapientia Urbs Conditur', which means 'A city built on wisdom'.

But what's in our motto's name?

We asked Professor of Classics, Helen Lovatt, to look into the origins of the university's motto and its historical significance. 

Read Helen's motto musings >

University of Nottingham shield on gates
Remembering my happy years (some time ago now) at Nottingham and hope this will help someone else to have the same benefits, both academic and personal.
Mary Kirk

There's still time to make your mark! 

Feeling inspired? We can still take donations to the Giving Day until the end of the year, so if you're able, anything you can give will make a real difference to one of our four causes.

Give to Giving Day before it's too late >