How to banish burnout

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The feeling of burnout – being emotionally and physically exhausted, either at work or at home – is something that many will recognise.

In one of our latest webinars, Harley Street psychotherapist and leading burnout expert Jacky Francis Walker (Counselling Studies, 1999), shared her strategies on how to recognise and address the key signs of burnout and boost resilience. Here are Jacky's top tips to help you reset and recharge:

  • Unplug – reduce the constant stimulation generated by today’s ‘always on’ digital world.

  • Boundaries – introduce clear separation between work, social media and personal life.

  • The three Ds – reduce your mental and physical load. What can you delegate, defer or delete?

  • Recharging strategies – make time every day, week and month to relax the body and mind for short, medium and longer chunks of time. Even five minutes can help.

  • Take time for you – do something you enjoy. Find the activities, people and places that nourish you.

  • Resilient self-talk – the words we tell ourselves matter. Treat yourself with the same kindness and compassion that you show to others. Supportive ‘pep talks’ can bring you back into your resilient zone.

Catch up with the whole webinar and learn 'How to banish burnout' below:

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