Nottingham Ambition Giving Day 2023

In November, alumni had the opportunity to join forces and raise money as part of our second Nottingham Ambition Giving Day. The theme of the event was drawn from our university motto: ‘Sapientia Urbs Conditur’, which means ‘a city built on wisdom’. Although, judging by the results,an equally suitable motto could be: ‘a city built on generosity’.


Thank you to the 452 donors and 37 ambassadors who made our Giving Day a huge success. Together, you raised almost £70,000 for four great causes, which is equivalent to one person giving every eight minutes. Alumni from India to Iraq and Thailand to Texas joined in and gave, with graduation years ranging from 1952 to 2025!

Here’s a roundup of the causes and how the money raised will be used to change lives at the University of Nottingham and beyond.

Scholarships for disadvantaged students

Scholarships were once again at the heart of the Giving Day, showing that many of you agree that no talented student should miss out on a place at Nottingham. Almost 300 alumni donated to this cause and these funds will be used to help a new intake of scholarships in 2024.

Cascade: Student led projects

Cascade grants have helped students get many projects off the ground. We heard from the University of Nottingham Co-Responders on how your donations fund things like new specialist medical equipment, the Co-Responders have been allocated to more than 11,000 incidents since 2014. The amount raised during Giving Day will make sure students can continue to take advantage of the Cascade programme to gain valuable skills away from campus, while making a positive impact on the world.

Medical research at the University of Nottingham

We have a history of world-changing innovation in medical research at the University of Nottingham. From the development of MRI, to leading studies on antimicrobial resistance, to life-changing work in our cancer research centres. Your donations will be supporting the future of MRI technologies.

Mental health support at the Students’ Union

This was our second most funded cause, ensuring that we can increase student-led mental health provisions, so that individuals can get the vital help they need when they’re feeling low. One of the initiatives that will benefit from your generosity is Nightline, a student-run support service that’s available to all University of Nottingham students when they need it the most. Donations will be used to raise awareness of Nightline on campus and ensure students know the service is available in times of need. 

Here are some lovely quotes from our donor wall:

Thanks for doing what you can to help disadvantaged students. I believe this can help a lot of students to have their lives changed positively.
Lam Le
The University of Nottingham remains so close to my heart. It’s an honour to donate for such a nice cause.
Lucia Vazquez Rocha