Rebecca Khor: how to be an HR leader

With over two decades of HR experience in multiple industries, University of Nottingham Malaysia alumna Rebecca Khor Ying Ying (Executive MBA, 2020) is the perfect person to share what makes a great HR leader!

Rebecca’s achievements in Malaysia’s HR space have not gone unnoticed, with her winning several HR awards, including 'Malaysia’s Top Most HR Leaders' and 'Malaysia’s Women Leaders' this year alone. Here she shares her Top 5 tips to become a great HR leader.

Rebecca Khor

As a strategic business partner, Rebecca has driven HR initiatives, influenced HR policies and helped organisations to navigate through the challenges of a changing world.

Rebecca also has hands-on experience in all aspects of HR management, including talent development, employee relations, performance management, to create a high performance workforce and culture.

Her work in driving sustainable talent development, learning and development, employee engagement, diversity, equity and inclusion, have helped to build a sustainable leadership pipeline for companies.

As a lifelong learner, Rebecca is an active member in local and international HR bodies as they provide opportunities for her to network and learn from other HR practitioners.

Completing my MBA studies at the University of Nottingham Malaysia was a transformative journey that continues to shape my career path today. It equipped me with a strong foundation of business knowledge, strategic thinking, and leadership skills, empowering me to navigate the complexities of the corporate world with confidence and purpose.
Rebecca Khor

To become a great HR leader, it's essential to develop a unique blend of skills, knowledge, and qualities.

Here are five ways you can excel: 

  1. Strategic Mindset: Great HR leaders possess a strategic mindset and align HR initiatives with the overall business strategy. Understand the organisation's goals, challenges, and industry trends to develop HR strategies that support the long-term success of the company.

  2. Strong Leadership Skills: Effective HR leaders inspire and motivate their teams. Lead by example, exhibit excellent decision-making abilities, and guide the HR team to deliver impactful results.

  3. Business Acumen: Gain a deep understanding of the business operations and financial aspects of the organisation. HR leaders should be able to analyze data, identify HR metrics, and communicate the value of HR initiatives in terms of business outcomes.

  4. Change Management Expertise: HR leaders play a crucial role in managing organisational change. Effective communication, stakeholder engagement, and the ability to anticipate and mitigate resistance to change are essential skills for HR leaders.

  5. Continuous Learning and Development: HR leaders should be lifelong learners, staying updated with the latest HR trends, practices, and legal regulations. Embrace new technologies and innovations that can enhance HR processes and contribute to organisational success.

Becoming a great HR leader requires a combination of technical expertise, leadership abilities, and a deep understanding of the organisation's goals and challenges.

Continuously develop these skills, adapt to changing business environments, and lead with integrity and empathy to create a positive impact on the organisation and its employees.

My MBA experience at University Nottingham Malaysia remains a cornerstone of my success, enabling me to make informed decisions, seize opportunities, and contribute meaningfully to the growth and innovation of organizations I work with.
Rebecca Khor

One of the most memorable and proud moments in my career was when I received recognition for leading a successful HR Employee Engagement Programme that resulted in significant positive outcomes for our organisation.

It was a challenging initiative that required collaboration, innovation, and perseverance. Throughout the project, I embraced a collaborative leadership style, empowering team members to contribute their unique expertise and ideas. We conducted thorough research, analysed data, and identified areas for improvement.  

When the project was completed, the impact was tangible, with high employee engagement rates and the staff turnover ratio has been reduced tremendously.

The recognition I received for my leadership and the team's achievements filled me with a deep sense of pride and validation. I was awarded the HR Manager of the Year and HR Best Practices Award by Malaysian Institute of Human Resources Management (MIHRM).

That moment not only showcased my abilities as a leader but also highlighted the power of teamwork and the value of dedication and hard work. It reinforced my belief in the importance of fostering a collaborative environment, where individuals can thrive and contribute their best towards a shared goal. 

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