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The UoN high-field NMR facility has recently been awarded £1.2m by EPSRC for upgrade of our 800 MHz NMR spectrometer. 

We are based in the School of Chemistry, University of Nottingham (UoN) and currently operate across two campuses and three buildings. We provide access to world class analytical equipment/expertise for the physical, medical and engineering sciences. 

Our instrumentation ranges from general application benchtop analytical equipment and walk-up spectrometers (NMR and MS), to the prestigious UoN high-field NMR facility.

We specialise in providing access to equipment with the tailored support necessary for you to get the best from our facilities. The majority of our equipment is available as 'walk-up access' where no booking and minimal training is required, or 'open-access' where booking is required and a short training session will be provided. Additional specialist teaching is available and one-to-one training is provided for users of the most sophisticated instrumentation.

Chromatography/ Mass Spectrometry

Bruker ESI-TOF MicroTOF II walk up open access high-resolution mass spectrometer

Bruker Impact II ultra-high resolution mass spectrometer with Dionex Ultimate 3000 UHPLC

Jeol AccuTOF GCX (TOF-MS) accurate mass GC-MS with range of solid probes

Thermo Single Quadrupole ITQ with Trace 1300 GC-MS with Triplus HS Headspace autosampler

Bruker Ultraflex III MALDI-TOF Mass Spectrometer


Bruker 500MHz three channels with broad-band tuneable liquid-nitrogen cooled cryoprobe and room temperature TXI probe and 24 place autosampler (Jubilee Campus)

Bruker 500MHz two channel equipped with a dual 1H/13C helium-cooled cryoprobe and 60 place autosampler (University Park)

Bruker 400MHz two channel with broad-band tuneable liquid-nitrogen cooled cryoprobe and 60 place autosampler (University Park)

4 x Bruker NMR 400MHz two channel with BBFO or smart BBFO probes and autosampler (two on University Park and two on Jubilee campus)

High Field NMR

Bruker 800 MHz four channel equipped with a 1H/13C/15N, 31P cryoprobe and 60 position autosampler for solution state NMR spectroscopy (Centre for Biomolecular Sciences, University Park)

Bruker 600 MHz three channel solution/solid-state spectrometer equipped with: triple resonance TXI probe (1H/15N/13C), double resonance BBFO+ probe (HX where X=19F or 31P to 15N) and high-throughput ‘Samplejet’ autosampler for solution-state NMR; double resonance HX ultrafast 1.3 mm MAS probe (up to 70 kHz), broadband triple resonance HXY 2.5 mm MAS probe (35 kHz), fixed frequency 15N/13C/1H triple resonance 4 mm MAS probe (15 kHz) optimized for biological systems, for solid-state NMR (Centre for Biomolecular Sciences, University Park)



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