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Careers support for undergraduates

Our tailored programme of support helps students apply what they’re learning at each stage of their degree to the world of work.

All first year Business School students are offered a bespoke module on Personal and Academic Development. This enables you to identify and develop the skills and competencies you need to succeed onyour degree course as well as to help you to understand and develop the core skills valued by potential employers. The module will also provide a platform for you practice and reflect on those skills to enhance your understanding and employability.

By the end of your first year, you will have developed your understanding of self-awareness, communication, networking, project planning and case analysis. You will have developed your CV, cover letter and LinkedIn, and have a clear understanding of how to prepare for interviews and assessment days.

For those of you on our Placement Year Programmes we run additional training sessions to further help with applications interviews and assessments, as well as preparation for undertaking your placement year to ensure you are fully prepared. Studying overseas is also an option and provides opportunities to explore new cultures and develop key life skills.


Professional development support

The Business School recognises the importance of Professional Development for its students within - as well as alongside - their degrees. As well as the Professional and Academic Development module, we also provide various extracurricular activities that further develop key skills that employers expect to see in our graduates. 


Careers and employability service

We work closely with our colleagues in the Careers and Employability Service.

  • The Faculty of Social Sciences careers team contribute to our skills development activities and can help you with your career planning and job search.
  • You can connect with employers through careers fairs, employer presentations and work experience opportunities. A career mentoring scheme is also offered.
  • You can also take part in a career mentoring scheme.

Careers service

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Together we will help you to:

  • develop employability skills
  • prepare for recruitment processes
  • prepare for job interviews
  • find out about employment opportunities 


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