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We have come a long way since the first lockdown began last year. Hopefully, it is starting to feel like things are going to improve as restrictions start to ease. Some of us might be feeling excited at the prospect of regaining our freedoms, but equally some of us might be feeling anxious and uncertain. However, you feel, its Ok, we have put this campaign together to help support you through this period of transition.

U can find out more on how to look after your mental health here

Returning to campus

Continuing to follow the guidance will help to keep our community safe. This includes getting tested regularly, self-isolating if we need to and getting vaccinated when we are eligible.

Together we can protect and support our community and reduce the risk of an increase in infections which could lead to further government restrictions.



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U can find out about how to manage exams and assessments 

Take a look at our Connect with your studies webpage.

 Independent study during the pandemic video by Student Minds

Student Minds Student Space: learning online video and managing screen time

HealthyU: managing exams

Information on Studying effectively 

University of Nottingham Counselling Service: self-help resources for exams

Preparing and sitting at home exams


U can enjoy a healthy lifestyle

U can find out how to stay safe when drinking alcohol.

Public Spaces Protection Orders: Please be aware of Public Spaces Protection Orders in Nottingham.

A PSPO is a way to deal with nuisance and anti-social behaviour associated with the consumption of alcohol in public and covers all areas of Nottingham city and the suburbs. Please be aware that if an authorised officer asks you to stop drinking alcohol or anything believed to be alcohol,and/or surrender anything believed to be alcohol and you refuse, you’ve committed an offence.

 HealthyU: Information about alcohol

Alcohol change UK

Tips to stay safe when pre-drinking

U can keep active and eat healthily

Take a look at our Connect with your physical health information.

University of Nottingham Sport Moves+ App

Aymara has some helpful ways that could help you to keep physically active during this time. 

NHS get active your way

HealthyU eat well

NHS eat well

UoN student recipes 

HealthyU recipes

U can find out how to look after your sexual health

Sexual health support services in the UK

Living on campus: Information on how to look after your sexual health, including where you can access STI testing, free condoms and lots of other information can be found here.


 U can stay connected

Take a look at our Connect with friends and peer’s webpage.

What can help if you are feeling isolated and lonely

NHS- What you can do if you feel lonely during the coronavirus outbreak.

Listen to Savannah talk about how she copes when she’s feeling lonely.

Understanding and support 

Aardman Animations have teamed up with the University of Nottingham and others to provide some helpful videos and advice on a range of topics including loneliness and isolation

 Making friends when you’re not on campus

Listen to how Aimee made friends during lockdown through course and accommodation Facebook groups, Instagram and group chats. 

Student Minds Student Space-making friends’ video


U can start making plans for your future career 

Take a look at our Connect with your future webpage

University careers

Graduating in 2022: On this page you will find a wealth of practical careers advice. Wherever you're at career-wise we have a range of resources that can help. 

Student Minds student space: Applying for jobs video

international student

U can make the most of student life as an international student 

As you work your way through this final and very unusual term as an international student, some of you may be feeling disappointed because you have had to study remotely from home and haven’t had the international experience you had expected.

However you are feeling, here are some suggestions and tips to help you through this time of transition.

Video: Natalia shares her experience of adapting to student life as an international student during the pandemic.

U can connect with your peers wherever you are

Cameo and Mosaic Groups is an opportunity for international women to meet, chat and learn about British Culture

Globe Café

 Globe café at Sutton Bonington

U can connect with Nottinghamshire and the U.K.

 British things you will come to love as an international student.

 Things to do in Nottinghamshire 

 Explore Nottingham Museums 

 Newstead Abbey Virtual Tours

U can make the most of support available

 Centre for English Language Education 

ADAPT together 

U can keep up to date about what you must do if you want to travel to the UK. 

UK Government advice re travel and quarantine

British Council advice

U can shop for foods that remind you of home

Ozan International food Centre - Polish, Turkish, Latvian, German, American, Caribbean, Italian, Romanian, Greek, Cypriot foods

Murat Food Centre – international foods and Halal meats

Medina Continental Food Store near to the Jublilee Campus. Directions

African and Caribbean food stores



Yomode Favourite African store - Directions

Chinese food stores

WAN Li Chinese supermarket

Oriental Mart

Asiana Hypermarket 

Deyi Oriental Food supermarket

Persian and East European Food stores

Persian Supermarket

Russian and East European Foods


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