Sex and relationships

Everyone arrives at university with different experiences and ideas about sex...

For many it’s an exciting time, a time of personal development, experimentation, forming new and personal relationships and also a time when you have to take responsibility for your own health.

Feeling good about yourself:

  • protecting yourself and your partner against STI's/ unintended pregnancy
  • feeling comfortable and accepted about your sexual orientation
  • being able to choose to have sex or not to have sex
  • being free from exploitation, oppression, physical or emotional harm.

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Contraception is a term used for measures to prevent pregnancy. There are several methods of contraception. Choose the one that is right for you.

Find contraception information and advice services here.


Condoms offer protection from sexually transmitted infections as well as preventing unintended pregnancy. If you are a student at the University of Nottingham, live in Nottingham City or County you can sign up for the UoN condom scheme. We take some details from you, including your postal address. You will recieve your UoN condom card that will allow you to access free condoms throughout your time at university.

How to register for a UoN condom card and place a condom order

UON condom scheme is free condom scheme (funded by Nottingham City Council). Registration is done online, once registered you will receive 8 condoms in the post.

To register:

If you would like to register for a condom card, please click here to fill out a registration form. Once you have registered, you will recieve 8 condoms in the post. Please keep a note of your full C card number which will be included with your condoms. When you run out you can use your condom number to order more condoms using the form below.

Placing a condom order (use this link once you have registered)

IIf you already have a UoN condom card and would like to order more condoms, please fill out this form. Condoms will be delivered to the address provided.


Emergency contraception

Emergency contraception can prevent pregnancy after unprotected sex or if your contraceptive method has failed, for instance if a condom has split or you've missed a pill. There are two types:

  • the emergency contraceptive pill (sometimes called the morning after pill)
  • the IUD (intrauterine device, or coil)

Many places offer free emergency contraception to under 25s. You can get emergency contraception from:

  • a GP surgery that provides contraception (some may not provide the IUD)
  • a contraception clinic
  • some pharmacies
  • contraceptive sexual health services
  • most Urgent Treatment Centres

Find out where you can get emergency contraception.

Sexually Transmitted Infections

If you are concerned you may have an STI and want to get tested, there are a number of places you can access.

What should I do if I think I've got an STI?

Find a sexual health clinic



Chlamydia affects around 1in 10 sexually active young people and is the most common STI in the UK. It’s a big concern because most people don’t have any symptoms the good news is testing and treatment is simple and free.

You can find out more here.

Chlamydia screening is available via postal kits.

 If you have a Nottingham City postcode then you can access free online STI testing, repeat contraception and emergency contraception online at SH:24.

If you live in Nottinghamshire you can order a test at: Chlamydia screening under 25s


Relationship advice

Relate offers advice, relationship counselling, sex therapy, workshops, mediation, consultations and support.

Unhealthy relationships and domestic abuse information can be found here.

Sexual orientation

If you want to talk, seek support or just want some information, your Students' Union LGBT+ Network can help. Its free to join and a confidential service is available.

Rape and Sexual assault

Use Report and Support anonymously to tell us what happened or ask to speak an advisor.

This is not making a formal report to the university, it is to enable you to access the support you need to make an informed decision on what to do next.

Report and Support

Information about sexual consent


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