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The UoN Racing Team is a dynamic and driven group that focuses on electric vehicle development for the future. Find out about our two projects, Formula Student and Solar Challenge, and how you can get involved.


What could you get involved with?

  • Opportunities to learn and practice real-world interdisciplinary engineering, from design to manufacture and testing 

  • Build cutting-edge electric vehicles and contribute to the next generation of sustainable transport 

  • Experience motor racing competitions, either on F1 tracks or across the Australian outback! 

  • Gain an early start to working with industry experts and network with other teams from across the world 

  • Progress with the team and gain transferable project management and leadership skills


Formula Student

In July 2021 our team and the car – Frankie – came third overall in the Institute of Mechanical Engineers annual competition, Formula Student. We were also the highest classified electric vehicle and came first in the Business Presentation competition. 

Frankie is a fully electric 2WD vehicle, powered by a 400V battery. He weighs in at 300kg and his top speed is 80mph.


Formula Student competition 

Each year over 100 university teams from around the world compete in the iMechE Formula Student competition at Silverstone in a variety of events that test their preparation and hard work. The challenge is to build a single-seat racing car that meets rigorous standards and performs well on the track. Alongside this, each team gives business, design, and cost presentations to industry experts representing a hypothetical manufacturing company.

 Frankie in action at Silverstone 2021


Frankie and his trophy in front of Wollaton Hall

What’s next? 

We’ll be building on Frankie’s success to create an even more powerful and efficient EV for 2022 competitions, including an upgraded 600V battery. We hope to cement our place as a leading electric FS team!


Solar Challenge  

The Solar Challenge team is a new addition to the Racing Team and just a year old. Our aim is to build a solar car in a more sustainable and affordable way to push the boundaries for accessible, renewables-based transport in the future.


A New Challenge in 2020-21 

In our first iteration, we are achieving this by upgrading a Renault Twizy into a sleek two-seater solar car! We will participate in the leading endurance competitions, including the European Solar Challenge (ESC) in Belgium and Bridgestone World Solar Challenge (BWSC) in Australia.

 CAD render of the first ever UoN solar car

UoN Solar Car

What's next? 

We’ll be completing and comprehensively testing our first car in preparation for ESC 2022, and developing an improved concept for BWSC 2023.


Want to get involved? 

Both Formula Student and Solar Challenge are run by undergraduate students, with support and mentorship from postgraduates and faculty staff. We are a mix of academic projects and volunteers. We also have a common management group that oversees the work towards both competitions. Altogether, we are 80 people strong – and always looking for more creative minds!  

Roles and responsibilities in the team range are diverse, and there is something to suit everyone. In addition to designing and building the cars, there are opportunities to join in project management, business and PR roles. A lot of work goes into the cars – and this effort is rewarded with team camaraderie, practical skills, and unique competition experiences.  

First or second years -  you can volunteer in various mechanical and electrical engineering roles for both Formula Student and Solar Challenge teams. There are also roles in PR and sponsorship, which offer the chance to build useful business-oriented skills.  

Third or fourth years - you can volunteer or get involved via your course: 

  • Third year – The Electrical and Electronic Engineering Department has group projects on the Racing Team. The Mechanical, Materials and Manufacturing Department has Group Design-and-Make projects for both Formula Student (chassis, suspension, and powertrain) and Solar Challenge (concept design for the next car). 

  • Fourth year – There are individual project options available within the Formula Student and Solar Challenge teams. 

For all students - you can jump right away into the manufacture work for the Solar Challenge team this term and help us build UoN’s first ever solar car! 

Contact us at UoN-RacingTeam@nottingham.ac.uk to let us know which team and area interests you! If you are looking for project opportunities for your third or fourth year, also email us and we will do our best to help.


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