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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I apply?

You can apply online via the  Applications Portal.

Online applications allow you to upload supporting documents, these are for decision-making purposes only. If you are made an offer the Admissions Department, rather than the School, will require to see certified copies.

What are the entry requirements? 
Our basic requirement is a good Undergraduate Honours degree (upper second class) or equivalent. Further requirements for specific courses can be found by clicking on the course prospectus  links on our distance-learning page.
When can I begin studying?
There are two intakes per year, September and February. Applications should be made as early as possible as places are limited.
Can I study the programme full-time?

No, the programme is only available part-time, between two to four years' duration.

Students should check the eligibility requirements with their funding body before enrolling on a part-time course.

How are fees paid?

Fees are paid module by module, so the cost is spread throughout the entire period of study. Fees can be paid online via the  Student Services website.

Students should check the eligibility requirements with their funding body before enrolling on a part-time course.

Are there any further costs?
You will be expected to buy some set books for each module. The cost of these should not exceed £50 per module.
Do I need internet access and e-mail?

Yes, the course materials are web-based, delivered via our Visual Learning Environment platform and tutorial contact is by e-mail.

How much time will I need to spend on study?

This is quite a difficult question in respect of our programme because we do not stipulate a time per week/month that should be spent studying, as we recognise that the majority of our students are in full-time work and have workloads that fluctuate throughout the year. A single credit is intended to represent a notional 10 hours of student input. Thus a 20 credit module represents 200 hours of student input.

As we aim to make the programme as flexible as possible students are given several chances to extend the submission date for a module without penalty. They are allowed an ‘amended submission date (first extension), a further amended submission date (second extension) and a final amended submission date (third extension).

If students fail to submit by the final amended submission date, then a penalty is imposed for non-submission and a mark of zero awarded. However, it is recommended that students attempt to meet initial submission dates wherever possible as repeated use of amended submission dates could result in running out of registered time.

Are there any examinations within the distance learning courses?
There are NO examinations, either written or oral, within the distance learning courses.
How do the module options vary between the different distance learning courses? 
There are some overlaps between the options available between the different distance learning courses. This is illustrated by a quick visual overview of the distance learning courses showing those differences.
How do you promote a sense of an online community?

We have an informal group outside the confines of the course - in Facebook, which is proving very popular. Currently, we are investigating ways of further promoting student interactivity.

We also hold an annual, voluntary, free Summer School which we have found greatly supports a sense of community among distance learners.

What happens if I have domestic or work problems and I am unable to cope with the study and the coursework?

As our programme is flexible, short periods of being unable to study because of work or domestic problems can be easily accommodated as long as the tutor and administrator are informed. If the problems are longer term (more than a month), students are advised to voluntarily interrupt their studies for a while.


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