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Our distance learning masters-level courses are offered part-time to provide flexibility to study alongside work or around your lifestyle. 

Video Transcript

Student 1: I'm based in Berlin. 

Student 2: I live most of the year in Sydney, in Australia. 

Student 3: I'm currently based in Spain. Student 4: I live in Brazil. 

Student 5: I'm from Colombia. 

Student 6: I live in Switzerland. 

Student 7: I live in Coalville, which is not exactly far Nottingham. 

Student 8: And I'm from Las Vegas. 

Why Distance Learning

Student 2: I'm travelling a lot, so distance learning was kind of like a key requirement. 

Student 8: There is of course, the advantage that you can do it from anywhere and that it's quite flexible. 

Student 7: It's great because I can do I can do my studies at six o'clock in the morning and I can do it at midnight, nobody cares 

Why the University of Nottingham?

Student 4: It has a very good rating in terms of universities around the world. 

Student 2: It had more flexibility and I got to have a sense of the enthusiasm of the staff and some of the students. 

Student 6: I read about being top for research and that was, that was kind of a big, a big mark for me. 

Student 8: Because of its name recognition and some of the tutors that are on the course, but also because it does offer the summer school. 

What's the best thing about your studies?

Student 3: Feeling like an active researcher, I'm not kind of just being this sort of passive learner that regurgitates what other people are doing. 

Student 5: I'm very independent, so it's good to be on my own, doing my research. But yet knowing that there is somebody that I can count on and ask questions and all that. 

Student 1: To learn some new stuff and get really into the experiment side of things, even from abroad. 

Student 7: The summer school's great fun. I've really enjoyed that. 

Student 6: I like the variety of subjects I've had so far and I can really branch out and do anything that I want to do.



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