Salary, Hours and Overtime Fractional Contracts


When is the salary paid and how is it split over the year?

Fractional workers will receive salary on the same day as other contracted University staff, the penultimate working day of the month.

A fractional worker is paid every month in 12 equal instalments. If a fractional worker worked full-time for 34 weeks in the year, the salary will be averaged out over the 12 month period (please see the worked example).

Additional Hours

Additional hours are defined as the hours that are worked above the normal contractual hours, but do not exceed the full-time hours for that staff group. For example, the full-time hours for a APM Level 3 are 36.25, but if they are contracted to work 25 hours a week and work an extra 11 hours then they are entitled to be either paid (at single time) or take time off in lieu (TOIL) and is at the discretion of the line manager.

Additional hours worked above and beyond the normal working hours per week will normally be paid on a month by month basis via timesheets submitted by the line manager. Another option would be to take the time off in lieu, but must be within the Designated Working Week.

If the fractional worker is regularly working additional hours then a new contract should be issued to reflect the increased hours. This increase will result in the total contract changing as the Annual Leave, Bank Holidays and University Closure Days being included in the salary and as they have increased their hours so will their annual entitlement. An Authority to Fill form will have to be completed showing the funding is available.

By the end of the total contract, if an individual has worked extra days or hours, over and above their Designated Working Week, then you must inform the Payroll Office in order for them to pay them the additional hours owed.

If you require further clarification please speak to your Employment Relations Adviser.


Overtime is defined as the hours worked in addition to the number of hours that make up the normal full-time working week (i.e. APM Level 1-3 full-time hours is 36.25).

If you are entitled to payment or time off in Lieu (TOIL) for working overtime, the normal full-time working week must be worked before overtime is applicable, except in cases of authorised absence, which will include sickness. Overtime is limited to certain staff groups.

Unpaid leave – for payment purposes only

If a fractional worker has any period of unpaid leave during a Designated Working Week, the manager must inform their Employment Relations Adviser in order that the money owed can be deducted from their normal salary.

Unpaid leave must be kept to a minimum and if it occurs regularly then a new contract may need to be issued.

Increments/Performance Review

Fractional staff will continue to receive the same increments and have Performance Review under the applicable Review Procedure. For further information please refer to Personal Development & Performance Review or the O&F Salary Review Procedure.

Last edited Dec 13, 2015