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Studying for a degree in philosophy involves more than just thinking about issues.

We put great value on preparing students for life after university, emphasising the transferable skills gained, and encouraging opportunities to develop real world experience.

Joe Hesford, Commercial Finance Manager, describes his role and the skills he gained from studying philosophy at the University of Nottingham.


Work experience module

This module embeds employability in the curriculum. Students have the opportunity of a part-time professional placement in an Arts-relevant external organisation supported by a series of lectures, seminars and workshops in conjunction with the Careers and Employability Service.

As well as sector-relevant experience, students gain insight into the transferable skills they possess that can be applied to many different careers.

Work experience

Philosophy in schools

Gain valuable teaching experience through teaching children to argue!

Philosophy in schools project

Careers and Employability service

  • In-depth knowledge of specific sectors
  • Dedicated Arts careers team
  • Wide range of opportunities for placements, internships and other ways to gain work experience

Careers and Employability Service



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