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Our modules are as diverse as our teaching staff. Here, they give you an overview of what you'll meet on our degrees.

Assistant Professor of Religious Ethics Dr Tim Hutchings describes his module Religion, Media and Ethics, which asks Can you live a good life in a world of media and tech?


We challenged some of our staff to explain one of their modules in 90 seconds or less. They mostly made the time limit!

Christianity and the Challenge of Modernity - Dr Michael Burdett

Historical development and today's challenges.

Philosophy of Religion
Dr Conor Cunningham

Explore some of the great thinkers and their ideas.


Theology of Paul
Professor Richard Bell

From persecutor to one of the foremost theologians.

Islamic Theology and Philosophy
Dr Jon Hoover

God, creation, and prophecy - what do Muslims think?


Religion in Britain: Interfaith Encounters
Dr Tim Hutchings

Explore the sociological study of religion.

Dr Conor Cunningham

Abandon your opinions and think critically about issues.


Virtue Ethics and Literature
Professor Alison Milbank

Not rules and ethics but people and their actions.




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Theology and Religious Studies BA

Religion, Culture and Ethics BA

Don’t presume that you will be learning purely about the past, you can walk out of a lecture and see something you've learned applied in society, in real time.


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