Library fines

 If you have any questions about library fines, please contact the Library Helpline by phone, email or live chat.

Fine rates and limits

You will be fined at a rate of £1 per day on any book that has been reserved by another library user and is returned late. 

Each book that goes overdue will accrue a maximum of £10 for each occurrence of being overdue. 

When you reach a limit of £10 in fines your library account will be temporarily suspended until you reduce the outstanding charges. 

All books auto renew, as long as they are not reserved by anyone else. 


You can pay fines/charges via your Library account in NUsearch using your debit/credit card.

Pay your fines online

Lost books

Tell us if you've lost a book and we'll let you know the replacement cost.

You can also provide us with a replacement copy yourself. Read the replacement copy guidance.

Download the replacement copy guidelines (PDF)

Top tips

Check your emails regularly - we will email you to let you know if someone else has requested your book and the date it is due back 

In exceptional circumstances fines may be reduced if:

  • you have ongoing and proven technical problems with email access
  • you are ill or bereaved
  • you are away on university business where the location or frequency of travel makes communication particularly difficult



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