How to access our collection of over 300,000 ebooks on and off campus.

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About ebooks

Wherever possible, we buy ebook versions of recommended reading and also offer access to an additional extended collection where the library only pays for those that you choose to read.

With most ebooks you can:

  • have 24-hour access, both on and off campus
  • read them online and on mobile devices
  • print sections within copyright law
  • read them at the same time as other users
  • do keyword searches, make electronic notes and export to citation management programmes

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How do I access ebooks?

The simplest way to access ebooks is through the University of Nottingham search interface NUsearch.

  1. Go to
  2. Enter your search terms in the 'Search' box
  3. Click on an ebook title. You can ‘Refine’ your results to show only titles that are 'Available online'
  4. Click 'Available online' to go directly to the providers site
  5. Sign in with your University username and password if requested. Some sites will automatically load the login page, whilst on others you will need to click on a 'Sign in' button.

    If you are off-campus or go direct to the provider’s website, look for the Institutional/Shibboleth login option to reach the correct sign-in page for the University of Nottingham.

How to video

For seamless access to online library resources, download the Library Access browser extension.

Ebooks frequently asked questions

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Downloading, copying and printing

Like physical books, library ebooks are protected by copyright law, and for many ebooks this is controlled automatically by Digital Rights Management (DRM) software. 

The amount you can download, copy or print varies from one publisher and title to another. This information is usually displayed when you use each book. 

Usage quick reference guide

Quick reference guide for general advice on some of the main ebook sites used

Quick reference guide
Provider Can more than one person use an ebook at the same time? Can I download to my own device? How much can I print or copy? 

Yes, for most, up to annual usage limit.

Some have limits on users. 

Yes, for four days  

Amount varies by publisher.

Hover over green columns next to Copy/Print in ebook for total allowance. 

Ebook Central

Yes, for most, up to annual usage limit.

Some have limits of up to three users. 

Yes, for three days in most cases 

Amount varies by publisher. Total print allowance shown on ebook home page under Availability.

Knovel Yes Use online or save individual PDFs of sections and chapters

Print or save no more than 10% or 25 pages.

Access may be suspended if excessive downloading /printing is identified

Myilibrary Yes, up to three users for most titles Not yet enabled

Copy and Print up to 10% of each ebook.

Pop-up box shows print allowance.

Oxford Scholarship Online Yes No, online use only

Can print or save individual chapters as PDF.

Copyright restrictions apply

Palgrave Connect ebooks Yes For titles from 2011, where 'Mobile' option shown Print or download individual chapters
Safari technical books online Single user No

Individual pages.

Note:  If University subscription is cancelled, all copies should be destroyed

STAT!Ref Single user No Print individual sections
Wiley Online Books (for Evidence based Medicine collection) Single user


Save chapter PDFs or view online only

No Digital Rights Management (DRM) restrictions.

Chapter PDFs can be saved.


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Further information

  • The NUsearch library catalogue terminals in libraries are for search only and do not link to electronic resources.
  • See Help and Support pages within each ebook for specific guidance on their readers, requirements for other devices, and tools for navigation, note making and citation management
  • You can also access other electronic resources through NUsearch, including digital collections, ejournals and databases.
  • For further help fill in the eResource issue help form

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