School of Life Sciences

 Genetics and Genomics MRes/Phd Supervisors

Genetics Supervisors
Population Genetics Supervisors
    • Simon Avery (Fungal cell variation) 

    • Helen Knight (Genetic and epigenetic processes influencing human brain diseases) 

    • Andrew MacColl (Fish ecology)

    • Chris Wade (Mollusc phylogeny)

    • Angus Davison (Gene flow, population structure and speciation in snails)

    • Levi Yant (How whole genome duplication transforms population genomic landscapes)

    • Olivier Hanotte (Gene flow, population structure and history of tropical livestock)
Medical Genetics Supervisors
Evolutionary Genetics Supervisors
  • Angus Davison (Evolution of colour polymorphism and left/right asymmetry in snails) 

  • Sara Goodacre (Evolutionary genetics of spider silk) 

  • Andrew MacColl (Evolutionary genetics of stickleback-parasite interactions)

  • Tamsin Majerus (Evolution of ladybird colour polymorphism genes)

  • Paul Dyer (Evolution and exploitation of sex in fungi)

  • James McInerney (Phylogenetic approaches to understand the origin of Eukaryotes)

  • Mary O'Connell (Patterns and processes of evolution in genes and genomes)

  • Fiona Whelan (Computational approaches to understanding the genetic diversity within microbial communities)

  • Levi Yant (Adaption to genome duplication and environmental change over rapid time scales)

  • Olivier Hanotte (Evolution of environmental adaptation of tropical livestock)
Comparative Genomics Supervisors
  • Fiona Whelan (Bacterial strain variability within the human microbiome)
Bioinformatics Supervisors
  • Fiona Whelan (Bacterial strain variability within the human microbiome)
Molecular Evolution
  • Chris Wade (Mollusc phylogeny) 

  • Angus Davison (Molecular phylogenetics of left/right asymmetry genes) 

  • Simon Avery (Evolution of fungal resistance to antimicrobials)

  • James McInerney (Computational molecular evolution and horizontal gene transfer)

  • Mary O'Connell (Phylogenomics and molecular evolution of genes and genomes)

  • Fiona Whelan (Evolution of gene and genome interactions within microbial communities)
Human Molecular Genetics Supervisors
Molecular Genetics Supervisors



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