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The table below lists our academics and their research expertise. You can search to identify a project supervisor whose expertise matches your own research interests.


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To find out more about the diverse research interests in the school, visit our research groups under each of our 11 major research themes.

School research expertise
DivisionTitle and NameKeywords
Cancer and Stem Cells Dr Kenton Arkill Microcirculation, Vascular Permeability, Capillaries, Biophysical Microscopy, Electron Microscopy, Correlative Light Electron Microscopy, glycocalyx, 3D and 4D image analysis
Cancer and Stem Cells Professor David Bates microcirculation; capillaries; angiogenesis; vascular permeability; VRGF; capillary permeability; oedema; blood vessel growth
Cancer and Stem Cells Professor Chris Denning human pluripotent stem cells, cardiomyocyte differentiation, disease modelling using induced pluripotent stem cells, drug screening, genetic modification, stem cell culture automation
Cancer and Stem Cells Professor Kevin Gaston cancer, gene regulation, transcription, cell migration, cell invasion
Cancer and Stem Cells Dr Anna Grabowska oncology; cancer; pre-clinical cancer models; target validation; drug delivery; drug screening; imaging
Cancer and Stem Cells Dr Andy Green

Glutamine, metabolism, luminal B, Invasive Breast cancer, histopathology, biomarkers, immunohistochemistry, tissue microarrays, prognosis, molecular pathology

Cancer and Stem Cells Dr Nick Hannan

 Stem cells; hIPSC; disease modelling; developmental modelling; lung disease; liver disease; bowel disease; organoids; cystic fibrosis; fatty liver disease; pulmonary fibrosis; endoderm; regenerative medicine; inflammatory bowel disease; liver; lung; pancreas; intestine

Cancer and Stem Cells Professor Stewart Martin Breast, Brain and Ovarian cancer; lymphatic metastasis; Novel drugs, Radiotherapy; Redox homeostasis; Calpains & calpastatin; drug-radiation interactions; tumour hypoxia 
Cancer and Stem Cells Dr Abhik Mukherjee  Gastrointestinal pathology; colorectal cancer; Inflammatory bowel disease; pancreaticobiliary pathology; Lymphovasuclar invasion; histopathology; biomarkers; immunohistochemistry; tissue microarrays; prognosis; molecular pathology; digital pathology
Cancer and Stem Cells Professor Emad Rakha

Ductal Carcinoma In situ, Lymphovasuclar invasion, Invasive Breast cancer; histopathology; biomarkers; immunohistochemistry; tissue microarrays, prognosis, molecular pathology

Cancer and Stem Cells Dr Judith Ramage

 Immunology; T-cells; Cancer; tumour immunology; T-cell migration; antibodies to checkpoint protein; mouse models; tetraspanins; antibodies; tumour micro-environment

Cancer and Stem Cells Dr Alexey Ruzov epigenetics; DNA methylation; Kaiso proteins; 5-hydroxymethylcytosine; methyl-CpG binding proteins; animal development; DNA demethylation; Tet proteins; 5-carboxylcytosine; Wilms tumour protein 1; DNA & RNA modifications
Cancer and Stem Cells Dr Claire Seedhouse acute myeloid leukaemia; multiple myeloma; drug resistance; DNA damage; dormancy; novel drugs
Cancer and Stem Cells Dr Alan McIntyre Cancer, Hypoxia, Tumour Microenvironment, Epigenetics, Transcription, Metabolism, pH Regulation, Translation, Angiogenesis, Induced Essentiality, Metastasis, Breast Cancer, Colon Cancer
Cancer and Stem Cells Dr Abdol Shams-Nateri cancer biology; stem cell biology; regenerative medicine; transgenic mouse models; cell and molecular mechanisms to disease models
Cancer and Stem Cells Dr Virginie Sottile cell differentiation; regenerative medicine; tissue development; bone & cartilage repair; adipose tissue regulation; neural stem cell differentiation
Child Health, Obstetrics & Gynaecology Dr William Atiomo polycystic ovary; medical devices
Child Health, Obstetrics & Gynaecology Professor Fiona Broughton-Pipkin perinatal physiology; renin-angiosystem; hypertension; pre-eclampsia
Child Health, Obstetrics & Gynaecology Dr Helen Budge development; neonatology; nutrition; academic training
Child Health, Obstetrics & Gynaecology Dr Beth Coyle apoptosis; cancer stem cells; drug resistance
Child Health, Obstetrics & Gynaecology Prof Alan Smyth cystic fibrosis; clinical trials in children; pulmonary infection in cystic fibrosis; systematic reviews; publication bias
Child Health, Obstetrics and Gynaecology Dr Nick Raine-Fenning female infertility; 3D ultrasound; medical imaging; clinical trials; early pregnancy; IVF; endometriosis; PCOS
Child Health, Obstetrics and Gynaecology Dr Don Sharkey neonatal; medical devices; neonatal transport; viral infections; gestational age
Child Health, Obstetrics and Gynaecology Professor Michael Symonds nutrition; obesity; adipose tissue; development; pregnancy
Child Health, Obstetrics and Gynaecology Professor Jim Thornton clinical trials; pregnancy; obstetrics complications; cholestasis; hypertension
Clinical Neuroscience Professor Michael Ackeroyd Psychoacoustics; spatial hearing; binaural hearing; hearing impairment; hearing aids
Clinical Neuroscience Mr Winfried Amoaku acute macular degeneration; retinal vascular disease; choroidal neovascularisation; diabetic retinopathy; microperimetry
Clinical Neuroscience Professor Dorothee Auer neuroimaging; clinical MRI; MR spectroscopy; preclinical MRI; image analysis
Clinical Neuroscience Professor David Baguley

Ototoxicity, tinnitus, hyperacusis, diplacusis

Clinical Neuroscience Professor Philip Bath stroke; clinical trials; blood pressure
Clinical Neuroscience Dr Ulvi Bayraktutan oxidative stress; blood-brain barrier; ischaemic stroke; endothelial dysfunction; inflammation; plasminogen-plasmin system
Clinical Neuroscience Professor Cris Constantinescu multiple sclerosis; immunology; clinical trials; immunomudulation; imaging; neuroprotection
Clinical Neuroscience Dr Nikos Evangelou multiple sclerosis; high field MR imaging; neuropathology of MS; image analysis; headache
Clinical Neuroscience Dr Henryk Faas molecular MRI; imaging physics; neuroimaging; preclinical MRI; image analysis
Clinical Neuroscience Professor Deborah Hall tinnitus; sensorineural plasticity; clinical trials; outcome measures; epidemiology; systematic review
Clinical Neuroscience Professor Jonathan Hardman computational modelling; model validation; physiology (respiratory and cardiovascular); critical illness; medical legal issues; regional anaesthesia 
Clinical Neuroscience Dr Douglas Hartley otology; cochlear implants; auditory plasticity; hearing loss; binaural hearing
Clinical Neuroscience Dr Derek Hoare tinnitus, hyperacusis, audiology, behaviour, psychometrics,
questionnaire development, health services research, evidence based medicine
Clinical Neuroscience Dr Andrew Hopkinson corneal regeneration; tissue engineering; stem cell biology; proteomics; antimicrobial peptides; preclinical testing
Clinical Neuroscience Dr Padraig Kitterick Cochlear implants; single-sided deafness; sudden hearing loss; severe to profound hearing loss; spatial hearing; hearing-related quality of life
Clinical Neuroscience Dr Iain Moppett hip fracture; fluid management; health services research; patient safety; risk prediction
Clinical Neuroscience Professor Alan Perkins medical physics; nuclear medicine; radionuclides; radiopharmacy; medical imaging; preclinical imaging; gastrointestinal transit; radiation protection; drug delivery
Clinical Neuroscience Dr Stam Sotiropoulos neuroimaging; brain connectivity/connectome; diffusion MRI; functional MRI; brain microstructure; biophysical modeling; bayesian inference; machine learning; image analysis
Clinical Neuroscience Dr Nikola Sprigg stroke; recovery; clinical trials
Clinical Neuroscience Dr Christopher Tench Physics; statistics & computational statistics; programming; MRI image analysis; MRI image processing; neuroimaging meta-analysis
Clinical Neuroscience Dr Ian Wiggins Hearing; neuroimaging; functional near-infrared spectroscopy (fNIRS); pupillometry; hearing aids; cochlear implants; listening effort; spatial hearing; virtual acoustics
Epidemiology & Public Health Professor Jonathan Nguyen-Van-Tam Influenza;, other respiratory viruses; pneumonia; health protection (communicable disease control) [mainly non-laboratory aspects of the above; eg epidemiology; clinical management; vaccinology; antiviral drugs; pandemic preparedness and response]
Epidemiology & Public Health Dr Sarah Lewis epidemiology; statistics; public health; smoking; alcohol; exercise; older people; dementia
Epidemiology & Public Health Dr Revati Phalkey disease surveillance systems; health in emergencies (natural disasters); climate change and human health (natural disasters and malnutrition)
Epidemiology & Public Health Dr Tessa Langley public health; health economics; tobacco control; evaluation of public health interventions; secondary data analysis; time series analysis
Epidemiology & Public Health Dr Tim Card Epidemiology of Inflammatory Bowel Disease, Coeliac disease and other GI and liver diseases; related pharmacoepidemiology
Epidemiology & Public Health Dr Rachael Murray Tobacco control; smoking cessation; physical activity
Epidemiology & Public Health Professor Jo Leonardi-Bee Systematic reviews; meta-analysis; epidemiology; medical statistics
Epidemiology & Public Health Dr Kaushik Chattopadhyay Diabetes; obesity; cardiovascular disease (CVD); lifestyle diseases; complex interventions- development and evaluation; traditional and complementary therapies; ethnic minorities; developing countries; randomised controlled trials; epidemiology; health services research; mixed methods
Epidemiology & Public Health Dr Laila J Tata Perinatal epidemiology; maternal and child health; women’s health; child health; pregnancy and obstetric epidemiology; drug safety in pregnancy
Medical Sciences & GEM Professor Philip J Atherton Skeletal muscle, neuromuscular, metabolism, exercise, ageing, nutrition, signal transduction, chronic diseases, inactivity, OMICs
Medical Sciences & GEM Dr Wayne Carter toxicology, alcohol, pesticides, Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, nutrition, supplements, methyltransferases, post-translational modifications
Medical Sciences & GEM Professor K L Cheung breast cancer, breast surgery, geriatric oncology
Medical Sciences & GEM Dr Sharon Conroy Drug Therapy in Children, Paediatric Drug Therapy, Pharmaceutical Care of Children, Licensing of Medicines for Children, Paediatric Medication Errors, Medicines Adherence
Medical Sciences & GEM Dr Iskandar Idris Diabetes, Obesity, Vascular, Metabolism, Therapeutic
Medical Sciences & GEM Professor Raheela Khan Reproductive physiology, Pregnancy, Preterm birth, Inflammation, Cancer mechanisms
Medical Sciences & GEM Dr Saoirse O'Sullivan Cannabinoids, Pharmacology, Cardiovascular, Gastrointestinal, Translational
Medical Sciences & GEM Dr Shalini Ojha Neonatology, Nutrition, Evidence Based Medicine, Clinical Trials
Medical Sciences & GEM Dr Bethan Phillips Exercise, Physiology, Nutrition, Ageing, Muscle
Medical Sciences & GEM Dr Lorraine Pinnington Rehabilitation, Therapy, Cerebral Palsy, Dysphagia, Feeding Difficulties, Swallowing Difficulties, Assistive Technology, Medical School Admissions
Medical Sciences & GEM Dr Nikol Sullo Pharmacology, Cell biology, Molecular biology
Medical Sciences & GEM Dr Paul Stronge Medical sociology, psycho-social aspects of health & illness, public mental health/well-being, screening practices, qualitative reseach in health and illness
Medical Sciences & GEM Dr Nick Selby Renal medicine; nephrology; acute kidney injury (AKI); dialysis; haemodialysis; cardiovascular disease; renal imaging; MRI
Medical Sciences & GEM Professor Nathaniel Szewczyk Muscle, Metabolism, Mitochondria, C. elegans, Spaceflight
Medical Sciences & GEM Professor Maarten Taal Renal medicine; nephrology; acute kidney injury (AKI); dialysis; haemodialysis; cardiovascular disease; renal imaging; MRI
Nottingham Digestive Diseases Centre Professor Guru Aithal drug induced liver injury; fatty liver disease; portal hypertension
Nottingham Digestive Diseases Centre Dr Aloysious
Hepatocyte senescence and chronic liver disease; disease prognostication using hepatocyte senescence; utility of senolytics in chronic liver disease
Nottingham Digestive Diseases Centre Dr Austin Acheson anaemia; clinical trials; patient centred clinical research; colorectal cancer; transfusion; iron
Nottingham Digestive Diseases Centre Professor John Atherton helicobacter pylori; toxins; genes; gastric cancer
Nottingham Digestive Diseases Centre Dr Maura Corsetti Functional bowel disorders; gut motility
Nottingham Digestive Diseases Centre Dr Rob Delahay Helicobacter pylori; bacterial secretion and pathogenesis; molecular genetics; gastroduodenal disease
Nottingham Digestive Diseases Centre Dr Neil Guha cirrhosis; biomarkers
Nottingham Digestive Diseases Centre Professor Chris Hawkey prostaglandins; cox-2 inhibition; peptic ulcer; h. pylori
Nottingham Digestive Diseases Centre Professor Dileep Lobo hepatopancreatico biliary surgery; pancreatic cancer; chronic pancreatitis; surgical metabolism and nutri
Nottingham Digestive Diseases Centre Dr Luca Marciani MRI
Nottingham Digestive Diseases Centre Professor Yash Mahida inflammation; infection; mucosal biology; stem cells
Nottingham Digestive Diseases Centre Dr Tanya Monaghan Infectious diarrhoea; immunopathogenesis of C.difficile infection; molecular prediction tools
Nottingham Digestive Diseases Centre Dr Gordan Moran Inflammatory Bowel Disease; Crohn’s Disease; magnetic resonance imaging; malnutrition; muscle
Nottingham Digestive Diseases Centre Dr Krish Ragunath endoscopy; Barrett's oesophagus
Nottingham Digestive Diseases Centre

Dr Karen Robinson

Helicobacter pylori virulence; peptic ulcer disease; gastric cancer; bacterial infection; mucosal immunity; inflammation; T cells; immunoregulation
Nottingham Digestive Diseases Centre Professor John Scholefield colorectal cancer; anal cancer
Nottingham Digestive Diseases Centre Professor Robin Spiller functional GI; neurogastroenterology; functional MRI
Primary Care Professor Tim Coleman Smoking in pregnancy; developing & testing interventions to help women stop smoking
Primary Care Dr Sue Cooper clinical trials; smoking cessation in pregnancy; smoking cessation interventions; applied health services research; research management
Primary Care Professor Carol Coupland drug safety; epidemiology; injury prevention; primary care database studies; medical statistics
Primary Care  Professor Joe Kai primary care; health services; community participation; ethnic minority; qualitative; diversity; inequality
Primary Care Professor Denise Kendrick injury epidemiology and prevention; falls prevention; early cancer detection
Primary Care Dr Liz Orton public health; injury prevention; falls prevention; database epidemiology
Primary Care Professor Nadeem Qureshi primary care genetics; genetic screening; stratified medicine
Primary Care Professor Kavita Vedhara Stress; depression; adherence; illness beliefs; treatment beliefs; cancer; diabetes and diabetic foot; chronic disease; wound healing; positive mood; negative mood; vaccinations; fertility; infertility; IVF; older people
Psychiatry and Applied Psychology  Professor Clive Adams  Schizophrenia, medical informatics, biomedical searches
Psychiatry and Applied Psychology   Professor Jon Arcelus  Mental Health, adolescent psychiatrist, bodies, sport, dance, transgender health
Psychiatry and Applied Psychology   Professor Kevin Browne  Forensic, Child Health, research police
Psychiatry and Applied Psychology   Dr Shihning Chou  Forensic, deinstitutionalism , child protection, abandonment
Psychiatry and Applied Psychology   Professor David Daley  Psychological intervention, behaviour change, ADHD, meta-analysis
Psychiatry and Applied Psychology   Dr Danielle De Boos  Sexuality, healthcare settings, meta-ethnographic synthesis
Psychiatry and Applied Psychology  Professor Tom Dening  Psychiatry, old age, dementia, mental health
Psychiatry and Applied Psychology   Dr Simon Duff  Forensic psychology, SERC-NATO, BPS Chartered psychologist, stalking, sexual offending, fringe consciousness, neuropsychological
Psychiatry and Applied Psychology   Dr Vincent Egan HCPC accredited forensic & clinical psychologist, personality disorder, Individual differences, personality traits, dark triad, sexual and violent offending, evolutionary psychology
Psychiatry and Applied Psychology  Dr Fiona Gavin Chartered occupational psychologist, workplace diversity, organisational psychologist
Psychiatry and Applied Psychology   Professor Cris Glazebrook Healthy psychology, interventions with parents, mother-infant interaction, scale development, multimedia health education
Psychiatry and Applied Psychology Dr Kathleen Green forensic psychology, child trauma, violence, psychosis, personality disorder, schizophrenia
Psychiatry and Applied Psychology   Professor Amanda Griffiths Occupational health psychology, family psychology, psychosocial, europsy psychologist
Psychiatry and Applied Psychology   Dr Maddie Groom  Schizophrenia, ADHD, cognitive neuroscience, neurodevelopmental, autism, health sciences
Psychiatry and Applied Psychology  Dr Boliang Guo Statistics, Meta-analysis, diagnostics, medical research
Psychiatry and Applied Psychology Dr Juliet Hassard mental health at work, work-related stress, work-related psychosocial hazards and health, psychosocial risk management, gender, work and health, work transitions and wellbeing
Psychiatry and Applied Psychology  Dr Chris Hollis Childhood – onset schizophrenia, ADHD, child and adolescent psychiatry, psychoses, psychopharmacology, neuropsychiatry
Psychiatry and Applied Psychology Professor Jonathan Houdmont Chartered psychologist, occupational health psychology, health sciences, faculty of medicine
Psychiatry and Applied Psychology   Dr Nigel Hunt Traumatic stress, psychologist, psychology, chartered health psychologist
Psychiatry and Applied Psychology Professor Georgina Jackson  Cognitive neuropsychology, faculty of medicine and health sciences, neuropsychiatric, electrophysiological
Psychiatry and Applied Psychology   Katy Jones  Alcohol, Health Behaviour, Impulse Control, emotional regulation
Psychiatry and Applied Psychology   Dr Stuart Leask Schizophrenia, psychiatry, faculty of medicine, health sciences, aetiology
Psychiatry and Applied Psychology  Dr Elizabeth Liddle Translational mental health, ADHD, schizophrenia, neuroimaging, health sciences
Psychiatry and Applied Psychology   Professor Peter Liddle  Psychiatry, health sciences, cognitive psychology, ADHD, schizophrenia, neuroimaging
Psychiatry and Applied Psychology   Professor Richard Morriss  Psychiatry, community mental health, health sciences
Psychiatry and Applied Psychology   Dr Roshan Nair  Clinical psychology, neuropsychology, psychological, neuropsychological, cognitive rehabilitation, multiple sclerosis
Psychiatry and Applied Psychology  Dr Elena Nixon  Applied psychology, cognitive psychology, health psychology, psychiatry, neuroimaging, mood disorder, depression, anxiety, Tourette’s disorder, wellbeing 
Psychiatry and Applied Psychology   Professor Martin Orrell Psychiatry and applied psychology, ageing and mental health, psychosocial, dementia
Psychiatry and Applied Psychology   Dr Rachel Sabin-Farrell  Training Psychologists, Primary Care, trauma, Post-Traumatic, stress disorder
Psychiatry and Applied Psychology  Dr Angeli Santos  Applied psychology, organisational psychology, psychosocial, migrant workers, and emotional intelligence
Psychiatry and Applied Psychology   Professor Kapil Sayal  Child and adolescent psychiatry, clinical lecturer
Psychiatry and Applied Psychology   Professor Thomas Schroder  Clinical psychology, therapist’s boundary, maintenance therapeutic practice, therapeutic communities
Psychiatry and Applied Psychology Dr Louise Thomson  Research support, job retention, rehabilitation services and interventions, CLAHRC, occupational psychologist
Psychiatry and Applied Psychology Dr Jennifer Yates dementia, psychosocial, healthy ageing, health services research, cognitive impairment, physical activity and ageing
Rehabilitation and Ageing Dr Heather Buchanan Health psychology, patient-practitioner communication, dentistry, chronic illness, mixed methods research, patient-centered care
Rehabilitation and Ageing Professor Neil Coulson Online health communities; online support; social media and health; patient use of Internet
Rehabilitation and Ageing Dr Rebecca Fisher stroke rehabilitation, early supported discharge, service development, implementation, health services research
Rehabilitation and Ageing Professor John Gladman Health care in care homes; falls; delirium; dementia; polypharmacy; sarcopenia
Rehabilitation and Ageing Dr Jane Horne Stroke rehabilitation, occupational therapy, psychological and social issues after stroke, qualitative research, mixed methods, measurement, care home
Rehabilitation and Ageing Professor Marilyn James health economics
Rehabilitation and Ageing Professor Pip Logan Multi-centre randomised controlled trials, occupational therapy, stroke, older people, falls, community, reducing the length of hospital stays
Rehabilitation and Ageing Professor Tahir Masud Falls, Osteoporosis, Social Isolation, Loneliness
Rehabilitation and Ageing Dr Kate Radford traumatic brain injury, stroke rehabilitation, return to work, fitness to drive
Rehabilitation and Ageing Professor Penny Standen Intellectual disabilities, assistive technology, qualitative methodology, randomised controlled trials, questionnaire design, health psychology
Rehabilitation and Ageing Dr Shirley Thomas Psychological, health psychology, neuropsychology, rehabilitation, stroke, older people, depression, mood
Rehabilitation and Ageing Professor Marion Walker Stroke rehabilitation, randomised controlled trials, evaluation of occupational therapy interventions, implementation research
Rehabilitation and Ageing Dr Veronika van der Wardt cognition, dementia, health of older people, exercise engagement, intellectual disabilities, complex interventions, process evaluation, mixed method research
Respiratory Medicine Dr Charlotte Bolton COPD; chronic respiratory disease; pulmonary rehabilitation; biomarkers; co-morbidities; cystic fibrosis
Respiratory Medicine Dr Mark Glover hypertension; thiazide; hyponatraemia; clinical pharmacology; cardiovascular
Respiratory Medicine Professor Simon Johnson

Proteases and extracellular matrix in lung diseases; tissue remodelling; lymphangioleiomyomatosis

Respiratory Medicine Professor Alan Knox asthma; COPD; IPF; cystic fibrosis; transcription, epigenetics
Respiratory Medicine Professor Thomas Meersmann translational; NC3Rs; hyperpolarized 129Xe; MRI NMR; Krypton 83
Respiratory Medicine Professor Linhua Pang airway structural cell biology; cytokines; chemokines and growth factors; inflammation; airway remodelling; gene expression and regulation; epigenetics
Respiratory Medicine Dr Galina Pavlovskaya Rheology and micro-imaging of lung surface, multi-scale and multi-modal lung MRI, sodium MRI
Respiratory Medicine Dr Ian Sayers genetics; asthma; bronchial; epithelial cell biology; airway models; COPD
Respiratory Medicine Dr Amanda Tatler Asthma; lung fibrosis; viral infections; molecular biology; gene regulation; integrins; mechanobiology; tissue remodelling; TGFb; ex vivo tissue models
Rheumatology, Orthopaedics & Dermatology Professor Roger Bayston Surgical infection; biomaterials related infection; antimicrobial biomaterials; orthopaedic infection; neurosurgical infection
Rheumatology, Orthopaedics and Dermatology Professor Michael Doherty osteoarthritis; gout; epidemiology; placebo/contextual effects
Rheumatology, Orthopaedics and Dermatology Dr Kimberley Edwards sports medicine; obesity; epidemiology; physical activity; cancer; public health; spatial analysis
Rheumatology, Orthopaedics and Dermatology Dr Richard Pearson osteoarthritis; biomaterials; bone; cartilage; in vitro and in vivo models; histopathology; fracture; osteoporosis
Rheumatology, Orthopaedics and Dermatology Professor Brigitte Scammell cell biology; arthritis; pain; infection; biomaterials; bone grafts
Rheumatology, Orthopaedics and Dermatology Professor Kim Thomas skin disease; clinical trials
Rheumatology, Orthopaedics and Dermatology Professor David Walsh arthritis pain; osteoarthritis; rheumatoid arthritis; spinal pain
Rheumatology, Orthopaedics and Dermatology Professor Hywel Williams skin disease; clinical trials; HTA
Rheumatology, Orthopaedics and Dermatology Professor Weiya Zhang osteoarthritis; gout; systematic review; epidemiology; evidence based medicine


(Updated: December 2018) 

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