Wellcome Prime funding is now available to support researchers from across UoN affected by Covid-19. In particular, Wellcome aims to fund those where the impact of Covid-19 is known to have had a disproportionate effect.

The scheme will support research within the Wellcome Trust remit (see guidance document for details). Funding is not confined to the biomedical sciences and those from other areas of STEM, clinical/allied health sciences and humanities and social sciences can apply.

Two different award types are available:

  • Postdoctoral researchers and technical staff

Postdoctoral researchers or technical staff can apply. Applications must be led the postdoctoral researcher or technician, but be developed in collaboration with their PI/supervisor.

Exclusion: Individuals working on projects that have already benefited from UKRI Covid Grant Extension Allocation (CoA) funding are not eligible to apply.

  • Assistant Professors recruited since 1 January 2019 to their first permanent academic position

Exclusion: Assistant Professors whose projects have already benefited from UKRI CoA funding are not eligible to apply.



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