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Children's Swimming Lessons

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Our Swim School programme has supported thousands of young people to learn to swim from our extensive swimming facilities at David Ross Sports Village. 

Our Children's lessons are for swimmers aged from 4.5 years to 14 years-old from Beginners' level to Stage 9. Our expert instructors will support our young swimmers to learn the basics through to becoming a trained competitive swimmer. 

Our fun, structured sessions focus on improving your child's technique in the water and enabling them to become happy, confident swimmers. 

Our programme offers:

  • A fun, friendly and safe learning environment 
  • Small class sizes
  • Qualified Level 2 instructors for every class
  • Additional Level 1 instructors to support all Beginner and Stage 1 lessons
  • Programme focussed on Long Term Athlete Development (LTAD)
  • High-quality lessons that are stroke technique focused
  • Equipment provided throughout

 Joining our Swim School programme

Due to high demand our waiting lists are currently closed for Beginners and Stage 1. We will update our website when we are able to re-open these.

For Stage 2 - 9, we currently have spaces available so please contact: for more information.

Stage 2 and above applies to swimmers who as a minimum are able to kick on their back unaided for 5 metres, swim 2m Front Crawl and be able to do Breaststroke leg kick with floats.

Day and times

Our programmes runs
 Days Times
 Mondays  16.00 - 19.30
 Tuesdays  16.00 - 19.00
 Saturdays   09.00 - 12.45
 Sundays  09.00 - 13.00

Swim School Terms and Conditions Contact us

Group lesson pricing:

  • 11 week blocks are priced at £57.20 per block 

Current customers

Please see below the timetable for lessons for the next course. The next block starts week commencing 15 November 2021 and finishes week commencing 7 February 2022. We will break for Christmas on Wednesday 22 December 2021 and resume on Friday 7 January 2022.

Please be aware that all the times listed below are subject to availability.


4pm Beginners Issy
4pm Beginners Clare
4.30pm Stage 1 Clare
4.30pm Beginners Issy
4.30pm Stage 4 Cara
5pm Stage 5 Cara
5pm Stage 2 Issy
5pm Beginners Clare
5.30pm Stage 4 Cara
5.30pm Stage 1 Issy
5.30pm Stage 2 Clare
6pm Stage 6 Cara
6pm Stage 3 Issy
6pm Beginners Clare
7pm Stage 7 Issy


4pm Beginners Issy Beginners Anna
4.30pm Stage 5 Jo
4.30pm Stage 3 Anna
4.30pm Stage 1 Issy B
5pm Stage 4 Jo
5pm Stage 2 Anna
5pm Beginners Issy B
5.30pm Beginners Anna
5.30pm Stage 3 Issy B
5.30pm Breatstroke Clinic Jo
6pm Stage 1 Anna
6pm Stage 6 Jo
6pm Stage 2 Issy B
6.30pm Stage 7 Cara
6.30pm Stage 8 Anna
6.30pm Stage 9 Issy B


There are no Children's Swimming Lesssons on a Wednesday.


There are no Children's Swimming Lesssons on a Thursday.


There are no Children's Swimming Lesssons on a Friday.


9am Stage 9 Ben
9am Stage 8 Issy B
9am Stage 7 Cara
9.45am Beginners Ben
9.45am Stage 2 Issy
9.45am Stage 6 Cara
10.15am Stage 1 Ben
10.15am Stage 3 Issy
10.15am Stage 5 Cara
10.45am Stage 2 Ben
10.45am Beginners Issy B
10.45am Stage 4 Cara
11.15am Stage 3 Ben
11.15am Stage 1 Issy B
11.15am Stage 4 Cara
11.45am Beginners Issy B
11.45am Beginners Ben
12.15pm Stage 5 Cara


9am Stage 2 Ben
9am Beginners Roshni
9am Stage 4 Issy W
9.30am Stage 1 Ben
9.30am Stage 3 Roshni
9.30am Stage 6 Issy W
10.00am Beginners Ben
10.00am Stage 1 Roshni
10.00am Stage 5 Issy W
10.30am Beginners Ben
10.30am Beginners Roshni
10.30am Stage 4 Issy W
11am Beginners Ben
11am Stage 2 Roshni
11.30am Stage 1 Ben
11.30am Beginners Roshni
12n Beginners Ben
12n Stage 3 Roshni


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