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Discover how you can get involved and climb at University of Nottingham Sport


The David Ross Sports Village includes a state-of-the-art climbing and bouldering wall.

Our climbing wall is 12m high with over 40 routes, permanent top ropes, space for lead climbing and 3 auto belays. The bouldering wall is 3.5m high with over 40 graded problems.

Climbers can climb independently or join in on one of our popular instructor led sessions. 

There are also opportunties to book corporate team building sessions or birthday parties for the kids.


Planned Closures
 Date Time Reason
Saturday & Sunday  9.00 - 1.15pm NICAS Academy
Monday Eve 6.00 - 10.30pm Climbing Club
Tuesday - 5, 17 Oct, 7, 21, Nov, 5, Dec 9.00 - 11.00am External Group

If you are a new user you first need to register with University of Nottingham Sport. Once you have joined you can complete a Competency Check with one of our Climbing Wall Team. You will not be able to use the climbing wall until you have completed this. There is a £10.00 annual joining fee charge for Pay As You Go registration. Non registered climbers must be supervised by an experienced climber who has eligibility to use the climbing wall.

The Competency Check is available to book on the bookings area of the UoN Membership portal. The timetable of available slots is shown once you click onto Competency Test. Do not complete the registration form until you have completed the competency check.

Once you have completed the registration process we will allocate you the relevant eligibility to use the climbing wall. After Mon 18 September all members will be required to complete a competency check before they can register to use the climbing wall.

Casual climbing bookings can be made on the membership area or at any Sport reception. Please note that from time to time parts of the wall may be out of use for maintenance, route setting or external groups. This information is detailed above, via the Climbing Wall Newsletter and Climbing Wall Facebook group. Climbing shoes must be worn for casual climbing sessions.

We strongly recomend all customers watch the short BMC video below before registering:

Climbing Sessions at David Ross Sports Village

We offer a range of climbing sessions for all levels of climbers at David Ross Sports Village.

Our expert climbing team can run you through the basics of climbing with either our Learn to Climb sessions or Bouldering and Auto Belay inductions - no experience is required for any of these sessions. For intermediate and advanced climbers we offer Improver sessions and Learn to Move sessions where we can teach the fundamental skills of climbing movement, suggest improvements to your technique and demonstrate more advanced skills. All sessions are subject to the availability of our instructors.

If you have never climbed before there are various taster sessions available where you can just try climbing for the first time. 

Select one of the opportunities below to find out more about climbing at David Ross Sports Village.




Climbing Wall Sessions for Term 1 2 Oct 23 (all sessions subject to short notice cancellation for external bookings)


TimeSession name
2.00 - 4.00pm (30 min sessions) Competency Checks - Book online
4.30 - 5.00pm (30 min)  Boulder Induction


TimeSession name
 9.00 - 11.00am External Group - 3 Oct and alternate weeks thereafter
10.00 - 1.00pm Learn to Climb (3 hrs) - 10 Oct and alternate weeks thereafter
11.30 - 12.00pm Boulder Induction (30 min)
12.00 - 12.30pm Auto-belay Induction (30 min)
2.00 - 4.00pm Competency Checks - Book online
4.30 - 5.00pm Boulder Induction (30 min)
5.00-5.30pm Auto-belay Induction (30 min)
6.30 - 9.00pm Competency Checks - Book online
9.00-9.30pm Auto-belay Induction (30 min)
9.30-10.00pm Bouder Induction (30 Min)


TimeSession name
 9.00 - 11.30pm  Competency Checks - Book online
11.30-12.00pm Boulder Induction (30 min)
12.00-12.30pm Auto-belay Induction (30 min)
2.00 - 5.00pm Just Play Sessions x 2 75min each
6.30 - 9.00pm Competency Checks
9.00-9.30pm Auto-belay Induction (30min)
9.30-10.00pm Bouldering Induction (30 min)


TimeSession name
 9.30 - 11.30pm Competency Checks
11.30-12.00pm Boulder Induction (30min)
12.00-12.30pm Auto-belay Induction (30 min)
2.00-5.00pm Learn to Climb (3hrs)
6.30-9.00pm Competency Checks
9.00-9.30pm Auto-belay Induction (30 min)
9.30-10.00pm Boulder Induction (30 min)


TimeSession name 
 9.00 - 11.30pm  Competency Checks
11.30-12.00pm Boulder Induction (30 min)
12.00-12.30pm Auto-belay Induction (30 mins)
2.00-5.00pm Just Play Session 2 x 75 min
7.00-10.00pm just Play Session 2 x 75 min


TimeSession name 
 09.00 - 10.00am NICAS - Wild Climber
10.15 - 11.30am NICAS 7
11.45am - 1.15pm NICAS 12
2.30 - 5.00pm  Learn to Climb


TimeClass name 
09.00 - 10.00am NICAS - Wild Climber
10.30 - 11.30am NICAS 7
11.30am - 12.30pm NICAS 12
2.30-4.00pm Accessible Climbing


Welcome Climbing Wall Tasters

We will be running free climbing tasters at David Ross Sports Village during welcome on the following times and dates:

Wednesday 27 September; 2pm, 2.30pm, 3pm, 3.30pm, 4pm, & 4.30pm

Thursday 28 September; 2pm, 2.30pm, 3pm, 3.30pm, 4pm, & 4.30pm

Friday 29 September; 2pm, 2.30pm, 3pm, 3.30pm, 4pm, 4.30pm, 6.30pm, 7pm, 7.30pm, 8.30pm, 9pm, & 9.30pm

Sunday 1 October; 2.30pm, 3pm, & 3.30pm

Please visit Eventbrite to book. These sessions are subject to staff availability so can be withdrawn at short notice.


Who can use the Climbing Wall?

Student, staff, alumni and associate UoN sport and fitness members may access the climbing wall free-of-charge as part of their membership. 

Students, staff, alumni and associates of the University of Nottingham, who do not hold a UoN sports and fitness membership may use the climbing wall at a cost of £7.50 per session as pay as you go members.

Public Members

If you hold a current  UoN sport and fitness membership, you may access the climbing wall at a charge of £7.50 per visit.


Public Non-Members - PAYG Community

Members of the local community can use the climbing wall as a Public Pay As You Go (PAYG) customer. After activating an account online you will be required to complete a registration form to confirm you are competent to use the wall. If you are unable to complete the form you can book onto our Learn to climb, Boulder induction, Auto-belay induction or taster sessions. 

Public PAYG Off Peak Open untill 3:30pm - £6.50

Public PAYG Peak 3:30pm until Close - £7.50

Child - £2.50 (free if with a paying adult during non-term time)

Anyone who is new to climbing can complete the 3hr Learn to climb course for £15.00, Bouldering induction £5, or Auto belay induction £5 (no experience necessary) Current sessions are published on the timetable.

Once registered PAYG users can book climbing wall sessions at the David Ross Sports Village reception or online. There is a small charge for PAYG registration.

For more information on PAYG Community please click here.


Children under 16

If you are an experienced climber, who has registered to use our climbing wall, you may bring up to two children aged under 16. Each session costs £2.50 per child. 


When can I climb?

Experienced and registered climbers may use the wall at any time during opening hours.

Booking a session is mandatory for all climbers. This can be through the online booking system or from any reception. Book online or contact the David Ross Sports Village

Both the University of Nottingham Climbing club and the  University of Nottingham Caving club hold regular sessions on the wall and these are open to club members. Contact the clubs to find out more.

Please note, the wall will be closed on a Monday evening for exclusive use of the Climbing Club (term time only), and Saturday and Sunday mornings for Childrens Climbing sessions. 

Climbing Wall Closures. From time to time the climbing wall will be closed for maintenance and external group bookings. On these occasions sections of the wall or the whole wall may be unavailable for booking. We will attempt to give prior notice through various social media channels such as facebook, twitter and signs within the climbing wall. If in doubt please refer to the online booking system. If the space is unavailable it is likely that there is an external booking. If you make a booking within the 30 mins prior to a closure you may be asked to leave the wall before the closure comes into effect.

Feedback. We value customer feedback on either the condition of the climbing area or on the quality or grading of the routes. Please contact us here. 

Find out more about our memberships


Do I need to Register?

Experienced climbers:
Please book your competency check online or at reception. Once this has been completed you will be able to register and be will be able to climb unsupervised. If you are not currently a UoN Sport member you will need to join first before attending a competency check.

Experienced climbers (aged 14 and 17 years):
Please contact our climbing team to book a supervisory climb. This will allow our team to check you are safe to climb and once completed, you will be able to climb unsupervised. 

New climbers: 
If you haven't climbed before, you will be required to attend either a Boulder induction, Auto Belay induction or a 3hr Learn to Climb course before using our climbing wall unsupervised. On successful completion of these sessions you will be able to register to use the climbing wall. Please click here for the next available sessions.

Children under 16 years: 
Young people aged under 16 years old will need to be accompanied by a parent / guardian at all times when using the climbing wall. The parent / guardian must have registered as an experienced climber and will need to complete a supervising form for their child before each visit. 



What do I need to wear when using the climbing wall?

Wear loose comfortable clothing - skirts, dresses and tight fitting trousers are not suitable. Layers are recommended to keep warm between climbs.

Climbing shoes must be worn while using the wall. Shoes are available to hire. 



I've climbed before, can I class myself as an experienced climber?

An experienced climber is someone who is able to tie a figure of eight knot, use a sit harness and belay using an appropriate device. If you meet these criteria, you do not require an induction and may climb unsupervised after completing our competency check. 


I’m an experienced climber, can I bring novices with me to the wall?

Experienced climbers may bring a maximum of two novices with them to the climbing wall. Each time you bring novices to the wall, you must complete a supervision form at the David Ross Sports Village reception before climbing and ensure that you supervise them at all times when using the wall. Novice climbers are not able to belay without direct supervsion.


I'm a parent/guardian, can I bring my child to a climbing session? 

Yes, if you are a registered climber and are willing to able to complete an U18 supervision form. You can start climbing with and supervise up to three novices or under 18s.

You will have to fill in a separate U18 supervision form upon arrival at the David Ross Sports Village reception. 

Children under 16 years of age are not allowed to belay other children or adults unless being supervised by a qualified instructor.


Do you host birthday parties?

Yes - We are pleased to offer climbing birthday parties for children aged 5 - 16 years old. Our expert climbing team will show your group all the basics of climbing in a fun friendly enviroment. Available outside of term times.

  • 6 people - £72.00 - 75 mins

  • 12 people - £140.00 - 75 mins

  • bookable on Saturdays between 2.30-4.00pm  (please enquire if you require alternative times/days)

  • all climbing equipment is included, please ensure your group are wearing trainers and that no skirts or dresses are worn without shorts or leggings underneath.

  • catering options can also be added with our on-site Clubhouse Cafe 

For more information and to book, please contact our  climbing wall team

Do you host corporate team building events?

For corporate guests, our climbing sessions are excellent team building opportunities. Our team will show your group all the basic climbing skills along with some fun games to get your group working together. 

  • 12 people- £180 - 75 mins (please enquire if your group is larger)
  • all climbing equipment is included, please ensure your group are wearing training shoes.
  • catering options can also be added with our on-site Clubhouse Cafe. 

For more information and to book, please contact our  climbing wall team


How often do you undertake routesetting?

Route setting on the main climbing wall takes place during holiday periods. Please note that during this time parts of the main wall and bouldering wall will be out of use.

Bouldering routes are reset throughout the course of the term, usually on Mondays. During this time booking won't be possible online or at reception. The main wall normally remains open.



Click here to download the Climbing Wall Rules and Conditions of Use

Click here to download the Helmets Policy for Children 

Click here to download the Novice Policy

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