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Early Years Swimming Lessons

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Our Swim School programme has supported thousands of young people to learn to swim from our extensive swimming facilities at David Ross Sports Village. 

Our Early Years swimming lessons are the perfect introduction for younger children (aged from 6 weeks to 4.5 years) to the water. Hosted in our heated hydrotherapy pool with parents/ guardians accompanying the swimmers, they are a fantastic opportunity to bond with your child in a relaxing environment.

Our specialist Early Years instructors offer interactive sessions designed to improve your child's confidence and independence in the water. Progressing at each child's individual pace, we use nursery rhymes, fun games and activities to teach the basics movements of swimming and water safety in a fun learning environment

Our programme offers:

  • Sessions in our heated hydrotherapy pool - ideal for little ones
  • A fun, friendly and safe learning environment
  • Small class sizes
  • Highly-qualified instructors with specialist Early Years training 
  • Equipment provided throughout

Joining our Swim School programme

Our Junior swim school programme is now available for new customers to add their names to our waiting lists but we do have limited availability at all stages. This availability will be sold on a first come first served basis.

Click here to join our Early Years waiting list.

The days and times lessons run:

 Ages Times
Early Years 1 6 weeks - 1 year

Friday mornings, Saturday mornings or Sunday mornings

Early Years 2 1 - 2 years

Friday Mornings, Saturday mornings or Sunday mornings

Early Years 3 2 - 3 years

Friday mornings, Saturdays or Sunday Mornings

Early Years 4 3 - 4.5 years

Tuesdays from 4pm, Saturdays or Sundays mornings


  • 11 week courses are £77 per block

Current customers

The next course of Early years swimming lessons starts week commencing 2nd September 2024 and finishes week commencing 11th November 2024

For those booking the same stage, day and time, you can book from week commencing 8th July 2024. For those moving up a stage or wanting to change day or time please book as per the table below.

Booking week 2 - for customers moving up or wanting to change their time
 Day When bookings open
 To book Tuesdays lessons  Bookings open from Tuesday 16th July 2024 at 7.30am
 To book Fridays lessons  Bookings open from Friday 19th July 2024 at 7.30am
 To book Saturdays lessons  Bookings open from Saturday 20th July 2024 at 8.30am
 To book Sundays lessons  Bookings open from Sunday 21st July 2024 at 8.30am

Please be aware that all the times listed below are subject to availability. If your current class is no longer there, please be advised that a letter will be given to you with an alternative time.


There are no Early Years Swimming Lessons on a Monday.


16.00-16.30 Early Years 4 Alyssa S
16.30-17.00 Early Years 4 Alyssa S
17.00-17.30 Early Years 4 Alyssa S
17.30-18.00 Early Years 5 Alyssa S
18.00-18.30 Early years 4 Alyssa S


There are no Early Years Swimming Lessons on a Wednesday.


There are no Early Years Swimming Lessons on a Thursday.


09.00-9.30 Early Years 2 Gemma
09.30-10.00 Early Years 3 Gemma
10.00-10.30 Early Years 2 Gemma
10.30-11.00 Early Years 1 Gemma
11.00-11.30 Early Years 3 Gemma
11.30-12.00 Early Years 2 Gemma


09.00-09.30 Early Years 4 Mia
09.30-10.00 Early Years 3 Mia
10.00-10.30 Early Years 4 Mia
10.30-11.00 Early Years 2 Mia
11.00-11.30 Early Years 3 Mia
11.30-12.00 Early Years 5 Mia
12.00-12.30 Early Years 2 Mia
12.30-13.00 Early years 2 Mia
14.00-14.30 Early Years 4 Mia
14.30-15.00 Early Years 4 Mia
15.00-15.30 Early Years 5 Mia
15.30-16.00 Early Years 3 Mia
16.00-16.30 Early Years 2 Mia
16.30-17.00 Early Years 1 Mia
17.00-17.30 Early years 4 Mia


09.00-09.30 Early Years 5 Amy
09.30-10.00 Early Years 3 Amy
10.00-10.30 Early Years 1 Amy
10.30-11.00 Early Years 2 Amy
11.00-11.30 Early Years 4 Amy
11.30-12.00 Early Years 2 Amy
12.00-12.30 Early years 3 Amy
12.30-13.00 Early years 3 Amy



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