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Children's Swimming Lessons

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Our Swim School programme has supported thousands of young people to learn to swim from our extensive swimming facilities at David Ross Sports Village. 

Our Children's lessons are for swimmers aged from 4.5 years to 14 years-old from Beginners' level to Stage 9. Our expert instructors will support our young swimmers to learn the basics through to becoming a trained competitive swimmer. 

Our fun, structured sessions focus on improving your child's technique in the water and enabling them to become happy, confident swimmers. 

Our programme offers:

  • A fun, friendly and safe learning environment 
  • Small class sizes
  • Qualified Level 2 instructors for every class
  • Additional Level 1 instructors to support all Beginner and Stage 1 lessons
  • Programme focussed on Long Term Athlete Development (LTAD)
  • High-quality lessons that are stroke technique focused
  • Equipment provided throughout

Ensuring your safety and wellbeing

University of Nottingham Sport have introduced a range of measures to ensure everyone's safety and wellbeing when visting our facilities and taking part in our Swim School programme. 

Before attending your first lesson, please make sure you've read all our Swim School FAQs and information carefully before you return to familiarise you and your child with all the important changes we've made. 

Our new video also explains all the new measures and changes in place. 


 Joining our Swim School programme

Our waiting list will open from 1 June 2021, for more information please contact:

Day and times

Our programmes runs
 Days Times
 Mondays  16.00 - 19.00
 Tuesdays  16.00 - 20.00
 Saturdays   09.00 - 13.30
 Sundays  09.00 - 12.30

Swim School Terms and Conditions Contact us

Group lesson pricing:

  • 11 week blocks are priced at £57.20 per block 

Current customers

In September the Learn to swim programme will be returning to its original timetable for operating. As a result your times will be changing back to Pre-covid times, please see the table below.

If the circumstances change in September and social distancing measures are required again, your lesson will automatically go back to the current social distancing time.

We plan to return to 30 minute lessons from September dependant on the Covid-19 situation, this will be confirmed in September 2021.



Current Social Distancing timeSeptember Time (no social distancing)Class Instructor
4pm 4pm Beginners TBC
4.10pm 6pm Stage 3 Olivia
4.20pm 7pm Stage 7 TBC
4.30pm 4.30pm Stage 1 TBC
4.40pm 4.30pm Stage 1 Olivia
New Class 4.30pm Stage 4 TBC
4.50pm 5pm Stage 5 TBC
5pm 5pm Stage 2 TBC
5.10pm 5pm Beginners Olivia
5.20pm 5.30pm Stage 4 TBC
5.30pm 5.30pm Beginners TBC
5.40pm 5.30pm Stage 2 Olivia
5.50pm 6pm Stage 6 TBC
6pm 6pm Stage 3 TBC


Current Social Distancing timeSeptember Time (no social distancing)Class Instructor
4pm 4pm Beginners TBC
4.10pm 4pm Beginners TBC
4.20pm 4.30pm Stage 5 Jo
4.30pm 4.30pm Stage 3 TBC
4.40pm 4.30pm Stage 1 TBC
4.50pm 5pm Stage 4 Jo
5pm 5pm Stage 2 TBC
5.10pm 5pm Beginners TBC
5.30pm 5.30pm Beginners TBC
5.40pm 5.30pm Stage 3 TBC
6pm 5.30pm Beginners TBC
6.10pm 6pm Stage 1 TBC
5.20pm 6pm Stage 6 Jo
New Class 6pm Stage 2 TBC
5.50pm 6.30pm Stage 7 Jo
6.35pm 6.30pm Stage 8 TBC
6.35pm 6.30pm Stage 9 TBC





Current Social Distancing timeSeptember Time (no social distancing)Class Instructor
9am 9am Stage 9 TBC
9.10am 9am Stage 8 TBC
9.20am 9am Stage 7 TBC
9.50am 9.45am Beginners TBC
10am 9.45am Stage 2 TBC
10.10am 9.45am Stage 6 TBC
10.20am 10.15am Stage 1 TBC
10.30am 10.15am Stage 3 TBC
10.40am 10.15am Stage 5 TBC
10.50am 10.45am Stage 2 TBC
11am 10.45am Beginners TBC
11.10am 10.45am Stage 4 TBC
11.20am 11.15am Stage 3 TBC
11.30am 11.15am Stage 1 TBC
11.40am 11.15am Stage 4 TBC
11.50am 11.45am Beginners TBC
12pm 11.45am Beginners TBC
12.10pm 10.15am Stage 5 TBC


Current Social Distancing timeSeptember Time (no social distancing)Class Instructor
9am 9am Stage 2 TBC
9.10am 9am Beginners Roshni
9.20am 9am Stage 4 TBC
9.30am 9.30am Stage 1 TBC
9.40am 9.30am Stage 3 Roshni
9.50am 9.30am Stage 6 TBC
10.00am 10.00am Beginners TBC
10.10am 10.00am Stage 1 Roshni
10.20am 10.00am Stage 5 TBC
10.30am 10.30am Beginners TBC
10.40am 10.30am Beginners Roshni
10.50am 10.30am Stage 4 TBC
11am 11am Beginners TBC
11.10am 11am Stage 2 Roshni


Trainee swimming lessons - for current and new customers!

The University of Nottingham has recently signed a partnership agreement with the Institute of Swimming to be able to host courses for Swimming Teachers and we are excited to be part of this opportunity!

For the Swim Teachers' courses to run we require swimmers to take part in the training and we would like to offer customers the opportunity to participate. These trainee swimming lessons are a great way to boost your child's progress with additional lessons.

They will operate on a pay as you go basis and there is no limit to how many sessions you can book! This gives customers the flexibility to attend the weeks they want and at £2 for a 25 minute lesson they are great value for money!

To book please contact our Front of House team.

University of Nottingham Sport

David Ross Sports Village
University of Nottingham
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Nottingham, NG7 2RD

telephone: +44 (0)115 74 87000