Core Bursary - Frequently asked questions

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How do I apply for the Core Bursary? 

For information about how to apply in 2017/18 please see the How to apply for the Core Bursary page



When is the Core Bursary deadline?
The deadline for applications to the Core Bursary is the last day of the academic year in question. In 2017/18 this is 22nd June 2018. If you think you might not be able to meet the deadline because of problems obtaining your student finance, you should contact the Funding and Financial Support Team as soon as possible to explain your situation. In some cases, where the reasons for delay are outside the your control, it may be possible to extend the deadline, but only if we are contacted before the deadline date and within a reasonable time of the problems becoming apparent.


How is the Core Bursary paid?

The Core Bursary is paid directly to your bank account. You will therefore need to open a bank account to receive the bursary payment. Don't forget to enter your correct bank details via the bursary application page once you have registered at the University in September. Unfortunately the University is unable to make payments to a building society account with a roll number, unless it also has a unique eight digit account number.



What if I haven't been financially assessed by Student Finance?

In order to receive a University Core Bursary you must have been financially assessed by Student Finance for student funding purposes. You can apply online at if you live in England. Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland have their own student finance companies. 

For all applications - please ensure you and any sponsor/s (usually your parent/s or partner) give consent for your household income details to be shared with the University when asked the relevant question.



I instructed Student Finance not to share my financial information with the institution. What should I do?
If, when completing online application (or paper PN1/PR1 form), you or your sponsor/s (usually your parent/s or partner)  have not given the necessary consent, the Student Loans Company (SLC) will not be able to pass on information required by the University to assess the amount of bursary you are entitled to. You and any sponsors should contact the SLC to rectify this. You will need your Student Support Number, customer reference number and personal password when you call. The number to call is 0300 100 0612.


I have been reassessed by Student Finance. What should I do?
Please contact the Funding and Financial Support team prior to the deadline. We should then be able to adjust any payments accordingly.


My bursary payment has not gone into my bank account as expected. What should I do?
Check that you have entered your correct bank account details into the bursary application. If they are incorrect please amend them so that the next instalment will go through without any problems. Please ensure you advise the Funding and Financial Support Team that you have amended your bank details by emailing . Once your payment has been returned to the University's bank account we can arrange for the payment to be made again.

If the details are correct please contact the Funding and Financial Support Team as soon as possible so we can help to resolve the problem.


What should I do if I change my bank account?
Amend your bank details on the bursary application system as soon as you can so they will be correct for the next bursary instalment. If you change your account the week before an instalment is due then please contact the Funding and Financial Support Team. We may not be able to stop a payment going to previously held bank details at this stage but can help you resolve the problem. Don't forget to advise the Student Loans Company of the new bank details so that your student loan payments are also paid into the new account.


My household income is above the bursary threshold but I am in financial difficulty. Is there any other help available?
If you are not eligible for a bursary and find you are experiencing financial difficulties then, depending on your circumstances, you may be able to get help from the support funds we administer. For further information please go to our support funds pages.


When will my bursary payments will be made?
In 2017/18, the bursary payments will be made in three appproximately equal instalments, in November, January and May. 


I'm really short of money. Can I get my bursary payment early, before the set date?
Unfortunately bursary payments cannot be made prior to the fixed instalment dates. If you need financial assistance before the next instalment is due, please contact the Funding and Financial Support Team in Student Services to discuss your situation.
Telephone: 0115 823 2071 Email: