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What support funds are there?
The University offers several support funds which are to help students who are struggling financially. Eligibility criteria differs for each fund so please carefully read the guidance notes before you apply.


Am I eligible to apply to the Support Funds?

You are eligible to apply to the Student Hardship Fund if you have 'home' fee status and are enrolled on an eligible course. As the funds have a limited amount of money we aren't able to help every applicant. Some students are given priority; eg students with children, final year students. However you can still apply even if you are not a priority student.

All UK applicants must have applied for, and received the first instalment of, their full student loan entitlement before applying to the UoN Support Funds.

'Home' students whose fees are paid by the NHS can apply to the Clinical Placement Fund.

Home, EU and International  students can apply for help through the funds towards essential childcare costs.



How do I apply to the support funds?
You have to complete an application form. They can be downloaded from here. Alternatively you can email us at or telephone the team on 0115 82 32071 and we will be happy to email or post a form out to you.


Will you help with completing the form?
Most students find they can complete the form without any problem. However if you are unsure about any aspect of the form please call into a Financial Support Drop-in Session (every weekday in term time 11am - 3pm) in the Student Service Centre Central, Cherry Tree Lodge (for other Centres please refer to Talk to Us); or visit the Student Advice Centre, Portland Building, where experienced staff will go through the application with you.


What documents do I need to provide with the form?

You MUST supply copies of:

  • Financial notification letter from the Student Loans Company
  • NHS bursary notification (if on a NHS funded course)
  • Copies of bank statements or internet printouts for ALL bank accounts in your name (incuding savings accounts for the most recent three month period (items of £100 or more need to be explained)
  • Evidence of rent or mortgage

You will also need to provide documents relevant to your particular circumstances, for example:

  • Child benefit and Child tax credits
  • Partners income and bank statements for three months
  • Evidence of childcare costs enabling you to attend course activities
  • Field trip costs
  • Medical costs
  • Evidence of benefits (eg housing benefit, universal credit)

If you are an EU or International student applying for help with childcare costs you must provide:

  • Evidence of your (and any partner's) income (eg stipend/family contributions)
  • Evidence of rent or mortgage
  • Evidence of childcare costs enabling you to attend course activities using template letter provided
  • Copies of bank statements or internet printouts for ALL bank accounts in your, and your partner's, name for the most recent three months (items of £100 or more need to be explained)


When should I apply?

You can apply at any point in the academic year. However, funds are limited and while every effort is made to ensure that they remain available throughout the year (September -July), this cannot be guaranteed. You are encouraged to plan/review your budget early in your academic year so that, wherever possible, you can anticipate any difficulties and apply early. If you are a final year student whose course ends in June you need to ensure that we receive your application form with all relevant documents at least four weeks before the end date of your course.

All other students must apply by the July closing date advised on the applicaiton form.



How is my application assessed?
Your application is assessed following national and internal guidelines agreed before the start of the academic year and, if successful, either a standard or non-standard award may be made. A non-standard award may be made where a student has an unexpected financial crisis or unforeseen essential costs that cannot be met from other sources.


How long will it be before I know the outcome of my application?
Applications are assessed, and students advised of the outcome, within three weeks of us receiving it, although this may be longer at busy times. However, if when you submit your form there are documents missing and we have to contact you to provide these, the three weeks will commence from when the additional information has been received by the team.


How much money will I get?
Not everyone who applies to the funds for support will be successful. If your application is assessed and you receive an award we will email you with details of how much and when you will be paid. The assessment process will take into account your income and essential expenditure; if there is a shortfall we may make a contribution towards this. Awards over £1,000 will be made in instalments spread as evenly as possible over the academic year.


How will the award be paid to me?
If your application is successful you will receive an email outlining your award. Awards are paid by BACS into your nominated bank account.


What costs can the fund help with?
The support funds may be able to you with course or living costs that are not already covered by other forms of financial help - these could be everyday living costs, childcare costs or support over the summer vacation if you have no one else to turn to. It may also be able to help with emergency payments to cover unexpected financial crises.

Please note the support funds, other than the Revis fund for part time postgraduates, are unable to help with the cost of tuition fees for any student.


Will you take my debts into account?

Many students find it difficult to manage on the statutory support they receive and often incur debts as a result, however, we cannot include all debts when assessing an application. What we can include depends if your debt is classed as a priority or non-priority. Only priority debts will be considered when assessments are carried out.

Priority debts examples: rent arrears; council tax arrears 

Credit card debts and bank account overdrafts are not priority debts. 

Please contact the team if you need clarification.



Can I apply every year?
Yes, but bear in mind that the outcome of your application may not be the same each year. The amount of funding we receive from the University will change every year and the guidance we use to assess applications may also change.


Can I apply more than once in a year?
You can only apply once in an academic year, but if your circumstances change or you have unexpected expenditure you can apply to have your application reassessed. Forms can be downloaded or requested from the team on 0115 82 32071.  See Talk to Us for full contact details.

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