Visa application checking service

We offer a free visa application checking service for current Nottingham students and their dependants.

We strongly recommend that students extending a student visa in the UK use this service. Having your application checked by an immigration adviser lowers the risk of any mistakes which could cause a visa refusal and affect your immigration status and/or your registration with the university.

We will rigorously check your visa application and will tell you if anything is incorrect or missing. We can also check any applications for your family members applying as your dependants.

This service is only available for current students extending a Student route visa within the UK. Offer-holders applying for their visa outside the UK should refer to our 10-step guidance on obtaining your student visa from overseas. For other types of visa such as the Skilled Worker route, our immigration advisers will try to answer any specific questions you may have, but we cannot offer a full checking service for these visa categories. 

Preparing your visa application and documents

Use our 10-step guide to extending your student visa to prepare your evidence and other necessary documents. 

The 10 step guidance contains instructions on how to complete the visa application form - please use it. 

Complete the online visa application form up until the 'Declaration' section. Don't go past this section or make any payments yet. Save your answers and download the PDF of your draft form for our Immigration Advisers to check with your supporting documents.

Make sure you have these items ready for your visa application:  

  • PDF of your draft visa application form
  • passport(s)
  • BRP card (if applicable)
  • CAS checking document or CAS number
  • academic qualifications as detailed in CAS, with English translations (if required)
  • evidence of completion for any previous UK qualification (if applicable)
  • ATAS (if applicable and stated on your CAS)
  • financial evidence (only if this was previously required and checked by the Visa and Immigation team in order to secure your CAS).  If you have been in the UK on a student visa for the preceding 12 months before you make your new visa application, you will be exempt from this requirement. 

Having your visa application checked by an Immigration Adviser 

Please prepare the following email:

  • Subject: Application check / Surname / ID number
    For example: Application check / Al Harbi / 20123456
  • Attach your draft student visa application form (PDF draft version) completed up until the 'declaration' section (do not make any payments)
  • Attach all relevant supporting documents (see above)
  • Send the email to

After checking your application and advising on any changes, we will provide full details on how to proceed with your visa application. 

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