Visa refusals


Receiving a visa refusal can be very upsetting.  You will have spent time and money on the visa process.  Our advice is to take extra time and care to ensure that your first visa application is your only visa application.  You may not have time to make another visa application.

The most common reason for a student to receive a visa refusal for a Tier 4 application is because the financial evidence is:

  • not showing the necessary money for 28 days and/or
  • not showing enough money and/or
  • finances are presented in the incorrect format

Top 5 tips for a successful visa application 

If you are a student who is either fully or partially self-funded or we suggest that you:

  • make sure that you know the level of funds you are required to show
  • show the necessary funds have been held by you / your parents* for at least 28 days in a registered financial institution
  • show that the 28 day rule is met very clearly. Make sure that you either have a bank letter stating this or that the transaction history of your bank statements show that the money has not dipped below the required level, even for one day during the last 28 days
  • make sure that your financial evidence is recent, i.e. the last transaction date should be no more than 31 days ago, at the time you apply for the visa
  • read the Tier 4 Policy Guidance and familiarise yourself with key paragraphs as detailed opposite

*Please note that you cannot use the bank statements of other family members, such as your aunt, uncle, brother or sister.

Tier 4 Policy Guidance

Familiarise yourself with paragraphs 196 - 230 of the
Tier 4 Policy Guidance to make sure that your financial evidence is in the correct format and showing everything that UK Visas and Immigration require.

In particular, note that the financial evidence needs to show:

  • your name or your parents(s)/legal guardians name; and
  • the account number; and
  • the date of the statement / letter; and
  • the financial institution’s name and logo; and
    the amount of money available

This information should be read in conjunction with our guidance on how to apply for your Tier 4 visa.

If your visa application is refused

If your visa application is refused, you will be asked to email your visa refusal notice to so we can advise you further.

Applicants who receive a visa refusal need to be aware of the University's latest date to issue a CAS.  This is three working days before the official course start date or for CELE students, 11 working days before the course start date. You should also be aware of the final deadline for registration. See our late arrivals page for further information.



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