Our researchers deliver solutions to complex problems and work with partners in the UK and across the word to ensure our innovations have transformative impact on people’s lives.


Photo of Dr Barbara Morera Maiquez
Setting Tourette’s sufferers free

A watch-like device, developed by the schools of Psychology and Medicine and spin-out company Neurotherapuetics Ltd, is giving new hope to children and people around the world who live with Tourette’s and the agony of unwanted and uncontrollable tics.

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Photograph of a city
Pioneers of China’s sponge cities

Rapid urbanisation and climate change make China’s cities vulnerable to flooding. Scientists and engineers at the University of Nottingham Ningbo China are pioneering sponge cities, where rainwater is absorbed by sustainable drainage systems.

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Photo of the PEMC building on Jubilee Campus
Achieve net zero

A revolutionary smart energy grid on Jubilee Campus is demonstrating new energy storage technologies and reducing fuel bills, while providing sustainable power to nearby facilities testing hydrogen and electrification technologies.

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Photo of the university's Omnifactory building
Towards a new industrial revolution

The university’s world-first OMNIFACTORY is set to spark a new industrial revolution. This £3.8m national test facility for smart manufacturing technologies will enable our industrial partners to make production more agile, faster and greener.

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Photograph of soil
Targeting CO2 with biochar

We are leading the world���s largest trial of biochar’s potential to remove carbon from the atmosphere and lock it into soil for millennia. The charcoal-like substance is produced by heating organic biomass from agriculture and forestry waste.

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Photograph of an elephant
Living with elephants

The University of Nottingham Malaysia is helping safeguard the country’s elephants. By working with government and communities, researchers are informing elephant-friendly approaches to ease conflict between farmers and our biggest land animal.

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