How Vets in the Community are helping those in need

Your donations to Cascade are not only giving Veterinary students at Nottingham vital practical experience, they’re also providing essential pet care to those struggling to cope with the cost-of-living crisis.

Following Cascade funding, Vets in the Community were able to purchase a mobile treatment centre in order to hold weekly clinics at Forest Recreation Ground and King Edward Park. Each week they provide free veterinary care to homeless and vulnerably housed people in the Nottingham area.

Veterinary student standing beside the Vets in the Community trailer while holding a dog.

“Having the trailer has definitely made a huge difference,” said Kerry Williams, Clinical Assistant Professor in Small Animal Practice. “Now we’re able to go where the need is greatest and offer weekly sessions, whereas before people had to come and see us in the Big Issue office.

“Their pet is the only companion they have, so they want to make sure they’re well looked after. The students really make a fuss of the dogs or cats. It gives the owners a chance to chat and take their mind off other things they may be struggling with.”

Since the cost-of-living crisis has been putting pressure on household budgets, Vets in the Community have seen an increase in those using the service.

“We’ve definitely noticed it getting busier since the start of the crisis,” added Vicky Stanbridge, a fourth year Veterinary Medicine student. “Previously we would have around three or four clients, but now we regularly have more than double that.

“As well as coming for the treatments, we’ve had more people use the pet food bank and we provide that as much as we can. It’s really lovely seeing the regular clients because they’re so appreciative of the service we offer, and we’ve had some people say they wouldn’t know what they would do without us. It does warm your heart because you know you’re doing the right thing.”