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Meet the scholar: Ella Bardsley-Taylor

Balancing being a full time athlete and a student is no easy feat. Sports scholar and rower Ella Bardsley-Taylor, shares how her scholarship has made a huge difference. 

Ella Bardsley-Taylor getting ready for a training session at Holme Pierrepont

Ella getting ready for a training session at Holme Pierrepont.

University poses a lot of challenges for any student. Those tribulations are even more prominent for athletes, who not only face the pressures of their studies but also of maintaining rigorous training programmes. However, thanks to generous gifts from alumni donors, talented students are able to flourish. 

Rising rowing star, Ella Bardsley-Taylor is in her first year studying Physiotherapy at Nottingham. 

Ella started rowing age 11 and has never looked back. Outside of her studies, Ella trains at Holme Pierrepont and has represented Great Britain on the water. 

Being a full-time student and athlete leaves little to no time for students like Ella to work. Your support of scholarships provides that safety net, ensuring that students can make the most out of their time at university. 

Thank you for continuing to make an impact. 


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